THC Podcast 103: 5 Reasons Why I Stopped Smoking Weed

Posted on February 24, 2018

Ryan Stewman



It’s the end of an era and it is a sad day for suppliers of high-quality pot in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.

Ryan Stewman, The Hardcore Closer has decided after 25 years it was finally time to put the joint down and stop smoking weed.

This is not the first time Ryan has “given up” smoking weed but you better believe this time will be the last?

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman (a now former daily dedicated pot smoker) is going to share with you the reasons why it was finally time for him to give up “puffing trees” and sober up once and for all.

5 Reasons Why I Stopped Smoking Weed

1. Needed Clarity

When you are looking to go to new levels and swim around bigger sharks you’ll need to bring your A-game.

You need to be clear on what you are doing.

In this episode, Ryan shares why getting a car head moving forward is important for the success of the plans he has in the works.

2. Needed To Face My Problems

One of the “best” parts about smoking weed is when you smoke it everything seems like it’s ok even when it is not.

In some circumstances, it makes sense for everything to feel ok even if it is not but not when you are building a business, building a legacy.

Ryan felt it was time to get in front of his problems and face them head on and in this episode he shares this insightful experience.

3. Needed To Bear Addiction For The Next Level

In business, it is all about leveling up. Taking things to new heights and facing new challenges.

For what Stewman and his team have in the pipeline it was important for him to bear down and conquer addiction so moving forward he can help others do the same thing.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman shares some of his future plans and why it was a must for him to bear addiction to get him and his businesses to the next level.

4. Needed To Show Up For My Family

When you are an early riser like Stewman is (up at 4 am) plus an all-day weed smoker you are going to be ready to pass outcome 7-8PM.

Well for Ryan 7-8Pm is around the time he gets home from the office and would pass out on the couch in the middle of hanging with his wife and kids.

Not smoking weed has made it easier for Stewman to be there for his family and in this episode, you will hear how important that is to his success and happiness.

5. It’s Just Fucking Time

Sometimes in life, it’s just time for things to end. Sometimes change is needed.

After 25 years of smoking weed daily (thinking he needed it to be creative etc) it started to lose its thrill and effects. So what really is the point?

Ryan goes deeper in this episode on why after 25 years it was just time to kick it to the curb.

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