5 Secrets To Closing Deals at Conventions

Posted on February 28, 2017

Ryan Stewman



In 2012, I was really down on my luck and trying to find my way in this big-ass online world. I was doing some side work for an attorney and his business partner from Harvard. I thought these guys were brilliant and listened to their every word. Turns out, they were both complete morons but that’s another story for another time. 
The attorney introduced me to his buddy from school. The guy’s name was Max. Max was one of those guys who’d been stroked his entire life. He was a QB in college, sat on the bench for the Cowboys and had never been told “no” by anyone.

In other words, he was a complete, self-centered douche.

This guy, Max owned this software, so that was kinda cool. It’s was a QR code thing with short text combined. I convinced them we needed to sell it to realtors. They had noticed the KW Family Reunion was coming up and we decided to go and make some sales. 
Truth be told, this was my first ever work trip. I’d never been on a plane somewhere for work. It was way out of my element and little did I know that flight would be the start of something that now seems as if it will never end. We arrived late at night and rendezvoused at the hotel. The next day, we would be in front of 5,000 qualified prospects.

I treated this trip as if it were my one shot to prove myself.

If I remember my facts right, the product was $47/month and it was brand-new, unheard of technology. It wasn’t going to be easy, but it could be done. When the convention opened, it was off to the races. I pitched over 2,500 people and got over 500 sign-ups. I later had to hire an attorney to get my commission because they didn’t expect me to sell so many. Again, that’s another story. Oh, and I also found a bag of cocaine in the bathroom that the Max guy thought was mine. SMDH #drugsarebad #saynotostereotypes
I sold a ridiculous amount of product because I knew the secrets to selling at conventions. Yes, it was my first one, but due to my experience selling at high-volume car washes, I knew how to get a pitch out quickly and effectively. Some days at the car wash, I’d make 1,500 sales. I knew this convention was gonna be the same. I needed money bad. My family was broke, so I made shit happen.

Here’s how I did it.

Keep It Short: I don’t care what you sell. You don’t have to explain it to me in detail unless I ask you. Guess what? Your prospect feels the same way. Plus, if you have 5,000 people to pitch, you can’t take 5 minutes each or you’ll never reach 1/10 of the prospects you need to reach. 
Here’s the thing about short and sweet. People appreciate it and can easily understand it. The easier something is to understand, the easier it is to make a decision. Plus, people at conventions have places to go. They don’t want to talk to vendors all day. They want to see keynote speakers. 
Pitch Everyone: If you walked by me at that convention, you got to hear my 20-second pitch. I’d go out in the masses and pull people over to me. I’d pitch 3-5 people at once. I’d gather them up, bunch them together and pitch them. You should have seen it. I worked the crowd like a Baptist preacher with the collection plate out. 
You paid to get in front of a lot of people, so don’t expect them to come to you. You gotta get your offer in front of everyone you can. Don’t sit back and wait for people to come to your booth. They are not deer visiting a feeder. You’re a hunter; go out and hunt. Bring your sunshine personality and turn it all the way up. 
Make It Easy To Collect Info: As you know, not everyone at the convention will buy from you on the spot. That’s okay, you have a backup plan. The backup plan is to collect as many names, emails and phone numbers as possible. This way, you can email and call them with the follow-up. After all, the FU money is in the follow-up. 
At the event in Orlando, I had a scanner and everyone at the event had a barcode on their name badge. As soon as they walked up, I’d scan it. I collected over 2,500 leads in 2 days. That’s a helluva deal! Meanwhile, the coach in the booth next to me had 45 sign ups and he made them do it by pencil! Your job is to get as many leads as possible. You need something fast and easy. I recommend text short code. Check out mine: text CLOSER to 44222.
Find Market Influencers: When you’re at a convention, you not only need clients and leads, you need referral partners, too. Usually, the person you think is your competition, is really the best person to send you business. The easiest way to spot them is to look for people who have ribbons on their name badges. If they say something like “two comma club” or “top 1%” then you know they have the ear of the market they serve. 
I offered the market leaders a kick back for every lead they sent me. I not only sold them my product, I also got them to help me sell more of it. They don’t call me the “Hardcore Closer” for nothing, dammit. Also, if you can find and meet the speakers and hosts of the event, that’s huge. 
Be Memorable: I make people laugh. That’s just what I do. In my past life, I was probably a clown. Technically, I still kinda am. So, when I talk to people, I crack them up. It’s a gift. It keeps me in people’s minds, though. They remember the joke I told, the pun I dropped or whatever. Your secret may be storytelling. Or maybe you’re willing to dress funny. Whatever it is, you want them to remember you when you follow-up.
When I follow up with people from conventions they always remember me. They probably talked to 200 people, but they remember me. Then, when we talk, it’s like we are old friends who shared a life moment together at a convention in Orlando. It only works like that if they remember who you are…
If you’re looking for some skills that will help you sell more product at conventions and conferences, I got you. You’ll need to get your pitch down as well as integrate technology that makes sign-up and follow-up easy and automated. You can find all of that and more by joining www.breakfreeacademy.com/entourage

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