THC Podcast 071: 5 Signs You”re Selling The Wrong Thing

Posted on July 09, 2017

Ryan Stewman



If the number on your paychecks isn’t why you want them to be chances are you’re selling the wrong thing.

Most career salespeople have found themselves selling the wrong thing at one time or another throughout their career and I’d bet it wasn’t pretty.

When a salesperson is selling the wrong thing they will never reach their full earning potential and in this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to help you out with that.

Ryan is going to give you five signs you can look out for to discover if you are selling the wrong thing.

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5 Signs You”re Selling The Wrong Thing

1. You’re Not Head Over Heels In Love With The Product

Lighting up the sales board with big sales numbers is a whole lot easier when you are genuinely in love with your product.

You will have an easier time getting your prospect to love your product/service if you personally love it as well.

Why get involved and stand behind a product/service/thing you don’t love?

Find a product/service/thing that you love and you will sell a hell of a lot more of it.

2. You Don’t Personally Use The Product/Service

If you are selling a product/service that you are not personally using, you are leaving bags of money on the table.

You gotta be getting high off your own supply. Practicing what you preach.

If you don’t own or use your product/service how can you believe it is the best value and solution in the marketplace? Better yet, why would a prospect believe it if you don’t personally believe it?

Learn more in this episode about the importance of using the product/service you are selling. 

3. You Hate Your Prospects

If you do not like the prospects that you will be working with on a daily basis you are selling the wrong thing.

You are going to have a hard time being happy when you hate the people you are working with on a daily to make a living.

It is easier to sell something to someone you like, that likes you, and both parties enjoy each others company.

Do you enjoy the majority of your prospects or do you feel like every day you are lacing up your gloves going into battle?

4. You Dread Going To Work

Do you wake up early every morning ready to get to work? If not, guess what? You are probably selling the wrong thing.

If you dread going to work you will never be happy and if you are never happy you probably won’t reach your income potential.

When you are selling the right thing you are on fire for work and you a first in, last out of the office kinda guy.

Ryan talks more about the importance of not dreading your work days.

5. You”re Not Making The Money You Used To Make

If you are selling a new product and service and aren’t making the money you are used to making you are most likely selling the wrong thing.

If you believe in and love your product you should have no problem selling it and getting paid. If you are selling the wrong thing you probably aren’t getting paid.

Ryan goes into this further in this episode and how all five of these signs all tie together.

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Are You Selling The Right Thing?

Do any of the 5 signs above make you think you might be selling the wrong thing or are you and your product/service a perfect match?

If the match is not perfect, get out there and find your perfect match so you can start selling the shit out of it and start getting you paid what you’re worth.

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