Five Steps You Must Walk Every Prospect Through In Order To Close

Posted on July 29, 2015

Ryan Stewman



The best salesmen I know have selling systems in place. They use these selling systems to remove their emotions from the selling equation. They follow their systems to a T, too. Just like soldiers doing rifle drills blindfolded, the best salesmen have a process they could do blindfolded.

I remember when I was a “good” salesman and thought I had it going on. I could overcome objections, give witty responses and close deals. Then one day, I hired a mentor and he put me together. Meaning, he gave me a system to go with my selling, instead of the method I had been using: me, just grasping at random closing techniques. I can honestly say it changed the game for me.

Removing the emotion from the salesman side of the sales conversation is a huge advantage. Again, just like soldiers who are trained to pull the trigger without thinking or emotion, salesmen can be armed in the same way with words.

Once I learned this simple 5-step process, my closing ratios went up and my sales calls flowed more smoothly. Using this technique ends up being a better experience for the prospect, too. Everybody feels great about the process and everyone wins when you close in this manner. You can’t beat it.

Having a Proven Sales System in Place Will Turn a Good Salesman into a BAMF Closer

I’ll share with you the five phases every sales conversation must go through in order to close. It’s fair to mention there’s a million ways to spin this, so I’m not going to take all of your time over elaborating. Remember, the simpler things are, the more likely they are to work.

#1: Bonding

This is the first phase you must enter when you start the sales process. It’s the easiest phase to complete, but it is not to be skipped or ignored. This is where you show the prospect they are a lot like you or a lot like others you’ve helped.

People identify with three main things. 1) where they are from, 2) their name, and 3) what they do for a living. These are usually the three most important identifying factors for a person. Asking where they live and knowing someone in that town or city, or having been there yourself helps. Addressing the prospect by name is also a bonus. If you can share a story they like or get them to laugh, you’re golden.

#2: Trust

You’ve gotten them to bond with you and like you, now they need to know you’re not full of shit. Anyone can easily tell a story and relate to someone, but what about earning enough trust to get them to open their wallet? It’s as easy as social proof.

Social proof happens when you show the prospect examples and testimonials of past and current clients who’ve achieved what the current prospect wants. When they see others, especially people they know, who’ve obtained what they want, they will let their guard down. Show them how you’ve helped others.

#3: Interest

Now that they like you, trust you and know you, you need them interested in your product. During the previous phase, you showed them social proof examples of results they want. Now it’s time to explain to them how they, too can get the same results using your products.

They now see what’s possible and are most likely visualizing themselves experiencing those results. They want it. It’s just a matter of knowing the details. This is where you don’t talk numbers, but you talk benefits and ONLY those benefits that will matter to the prospect.

#4: Desire

They’ve seen results and have become interested in what you have, and now they have a reason to buy. That reason could be saving money, beating the competition, cutting down on overhead, or time efficiency. Your job is to keep asking questions and fact-finding until you build their desire.

When they start asking you how much it costs or how long until they can get it, you know you got ’em. Those phrases are buying signs which mean they have a craving to purchase (assuming it all works out in the numbers world.)

#5: Offer

This is the most important part of the process, because after all, it’s the close. Sure you can use little trial closes along the way before you make the offer, but unless you’ve completed the four previous steps, your offer won’t be seriously considered.

Once you have heightened the desire, so they want what you have, it’s your job to perfectly present the offer to them in a manner they can’t refuse. As soon as you make the offer, ask them, “What’s next?” This keeps any awkward silence from occurring after the offer, as well as it allows the momentum to continue to flow.

Before you get on your next sales call, print out this shit and keep it at your desk. As you make your calls, go through the 5-step checklist and don’t move on until you’re SURE you’ve completed each phase. In doing this, you will watch your normal emotions go out the door.

Once your emotions are gone and you have a system you can trust in place, your closing ratios will skyrocket, your prospects will give you better treatment and you will close more sales. I didn’t believe it either, until I just did it. Next thing I knew, I had people like you reading blog posts like this.

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