THC Podcast 081: 5 Tips For Dealing With The Haters And Naysayers

Posted on September 17, 2017

Ryan Stewman



The more you put yourself out there, the bigger your business gets, and the more successful you become, you will have to get accustomed to dealing with haters and naysayers.

Every corner you turn you will be faced with more haters and naysayers and if you are not careful they can do more than just talking shit. They can have an effect on your success if you let them.

The name of the game is to not let the haters and naysayers take you off your game and that is what this THC Podcast episode is about.

Ryan Stewman has his share of haters and naysayers out there and although he is the first to say he doesn’t always handle them properly, he still does, in fact, handle them and not let them hinder his mission in any way.

In this THC Podcast, Ryan is going to share with you 5 tips for dealing with the haters and naysayers you encounter along your path.

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5 Tips For Dealing With Haters And Naysayers

1. Don’t Read Comments

Haters are the king of trolls on social media and love to throw their hate around in the comment sections.

The key to not letting these comments garner any of your attention is to don’t even invest the time in reading them.

Ryan shares more thoughts and tips on how to train yourself to not even acknowledge the comments from haters and naysayers.

2. Don’t Assume They Are Haters

Communicating without actual words but through text and social media makes it easy to confuse the context of a text, comment, etc.

Sometimes a comment or remark might initially seem like they’re being negative but in fact, that is not their intention whatsoever.

In this episode, Stewman gives examples of this happening and how you can look at posts, comments, etc in a new way.

3. Handle Them With Dignity Yet Tell Them To F*ck Off

When a hater or naysayer shows up wherever be sure you handle them with dignity but don’t be afraid to tell them to f*ck off!

You will get much further in the world/business handling your haters with positive responses but yet still let them know where they can go.

In this episode, Ryan shares detailed examples of handling haters with dignity but also telling them where they need to go.

4. Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to haters and naysayers is letting them get into your head.

Do not let haters and naysayers make you doubt yourself, your product, your idea, your anything. Never!

Don’t let haters dictate the moves that you make.

Ryan delivers some mindset tips in this episode to help you not let the haters get into your head and mess with your game.

5. Use Them As Motivation

When someone tells you that your idea sucks or your business will never work you probably use that as fuel to your fire and you should do exactly the same with the haters and naysayers.

Channel their hate and negativity into motivation to help you get out there and kick some ass.

You know what they say, “success is the best revenge” and they are right.

Ryan talks more in this episode about how you can convert the haters and naysayers into motivation.

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