5 Types Of Leads That Are The Biggest Laydown Sales

Posted on December 27, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I’ve spent the majority of my adult life generating hundreds of thousands of leads. It’s the biggest part of my job as a salesman. Without leads, I have no one to sell to. As long as I keep the leads coming in, I’ll always have fresh people to pitch and old leads to follow up with.

As much as I hate to admit it, not all leads are created equally.


Some leads just hit harder than others. When we get certain leads, we know they are gonna close before we even get in contact with them. It’s no secret these are my favorite type of leads.

When I have a pipeline filled with fresh new leads, but one of these 5 types of leads comes into my sales ecosystem, I’ll drop all the other leads to get the laydown sale. While some salespeople are hard headed and like the tough sales, I want as many laydown sales as I can get.

The easier and faster I can make a sale, the faster I can get on to the next sale. My main job as a salesman, is to identify the leads that are most likely going to buy today, and then focus on them first.

Here’s a list and description of my 5 favorite type of laydown leads

Referrals: First and foremost, these are my all time favorite leads. There’s no better lead on the planet than a referral from another happy client. The happy client has done all the selling for you, all you gotta do is close it.

For the last 3 years, 90% of my clients have come from referrals. They give the least amount of objections, have the least amount of concern and are the most likely to buy from me and then send their friends my way. I ♥️ referrals

Inbound Leads: Every day I have advertisements going out to the marketplace in order to generate leads for my business. These are leads where people saw a post, a website, a blog, a podcast or something and decided to enter their contact information in exchange for us contacting them to see if we can help them.

I’ve built my entire career on the backs of marketing that generates inbound leads. It’s much easier to talk to 5 people who asked you to call them, than to cold call 500 who don’t know who the hell you are.

Be-Backs: I love me a Be-Back!!! These are the people who were leads in the past, but never closed. Only to return and be ready to make a decision at a later date. When the Be-Back contacts you, you know it’s a done deal and the sale is ready to close.

They don’t always come back, but when they do, you know it’s game-the-fuck on!!! They’ve thought about it, saved up for it, and are ready to close. There’s no other reason they would come back.

Event Attendees: The people who I meet at live events always turn out to be some of the best leads I’ve ever got. Being at an event allows us to bond, connect and build instant rapport. You both know you have some things in common when you meet at an event.

Meeting leads at events also allows you to connect in a different way with them. I usually hang out at the bar, buy drinks for my prospects, turn them into leads, follow up after the event and close them when the time is right.

Repeats: I see the repeat sales coming a mile away. These are leads who are past customers, but are back in your sales ecosystem for something new. I’m a repeat customer to my car dealer, every time he sees my text, he knows I’m a hot lead willing to buy again.

I have clients who bought Funnel Closer a year ago, who show up every day to buy Apex. It’s an easy sale, they are already happy, and they already know how we operate. It’s win/win for both the repeat lead and the salesman.

If you’re generating leads, put these 5 types of laydown leads on your list to look for first. This will help you spend your prospecting time in the best places that will make you the easiest sales. Always work on these leads first, before you dive into the rest. Always close the laydowns, while they are laying down.

If you are not generating any of these 5 types of leads, you are missing out. Especially the inbound leads. In order to get inbound leads you need a website that puts your offer out online and collects visitor information. You can build your own with ease in like 10 mins for FREE using Phonesites at https://phonesites.com/closer

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