THC Podcast 072: 5 Ways To Increase Your Income By Working Less

Posted on July 13, 2017

Ryan Stewman



All anybody is talking about these days is “hustle.” Everybody is a so-called “hustler” these days and they love to brag about how hard/long they work.  

Now, don’t get it twisted, there is nothing wrong with hard work.

There is nothing wrong with “hustle” but just putting in the “hustle” isn’t the key to being successful.  

In this THC Podcast episode, everyone’s favorite sales closer, Ryan Stewman is going to share with you how to increase your income by working less.   

Ryan was able to quadruple his income in a years time and he did it by working less and in this episode, he is going to share with you exactly how he did it.

Let’s get into it…

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5 Ways To Increase Your Income By Working Less

1. Manage Your Time

The more time you put into managing your schedule and hashing out what you are going to be doing each the day, the more you are going to get done.

Live and die by your calendar. Spend your time only on what you have scheduled on your calendar. Yes, it will take some discipline, but you better believe it will be worth it.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman shares with you his top tips for time management to help you better manage your time.

2. Set A Daily Work Limit

It doesn’t matter how much “hustle,” you think you have, you can’t work around the clock 15 hour days.

If you try to “hustle” 18 hour days you either will burn out, or do shitty work. Neither of which are going to help you smash your goals.

The key is setting a start time daily as well as a quitting time and stick to it.

Learn from Ryan in this episode how he sets his daily work limits that have helped him be more productive than ever.

3. Put Your Money To Work

Instead of blowing your money on that new watch, clothes or a new ride, try putting your money to work for you.

Stop blowing your money and start investing it in assets that will make you more income.

In this episode, you will learn more about how Ryan Stewman puts his money to work for him to help generate even more money. It’s a beautiful thing for sure.

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4. Leverage People (Build A Team)

One of the keys to working less and earning more is learning how to leverage people.

Focus on the tasks that only you can do and outsource/hire people to knock out the rest for you.

Outsource or hire someone to handle the tasks that anyone can do so you can stay head down on the tasks only you can do. The ones that make you money.

Check out the full episode and learn how Stewman leverages people so he can focus on the big pay days and spend less time working and more time earning.

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 5. Leverage Technology/Automation

The technology that is available today allows you to automate a lot of key parts of your business.

Leveraging technology allows you to automate lead generation, follow up and even sales.

Technology frees you up to spend more time and energy on the parts of your business that require more of a personal touch.

Technology plays and has played a big part of Ryan Stewman’s success and in this THC Podcast episode, he will show you how to do the same.

Spend Your Time On What Makes You Money

Don’t be confused by this episode and think we are saying hard work doesn’t pay off because it certainly does.

It’s all about working hard on the things that make you money. Not just long days.

Spend the majority of your time on the things that get your ass paid! You feel me?

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