THC Podcast 083: 5 Ways Selling Funnels Will Change The Game

Posted on October 01, 2017

Ryan Stewman



How does a side hustle that can easily become a six or even seven-figure income?

Shit sounds good, doesn’t it? Hell yea it does!

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about the ultimate side hustle for closers, selling/brokering sales funnels for small businesses.

Every small business needs a funnel and there is a million plus small businesses out there and a good majority of them clueless when it comes to funnels for their biz.

On the other end, you have the tech nerd that knows funnels and can build them with the best of them they just can’t sell for shit. That’s where you come in. You’re the closer.

Ryan goes into detail in this episode on what it means to be a funnel closer, how much you can make, and why it’s the ultimate side hustle out there that anyone with sales skills can start earning money day one.

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5 Ways Selling Funnels Will Change The Game

1. Everyone Wins

When you are selling/brokering funnels every party involved wins and that’s always a win.

You, of course, win because you are making a hefty commission. The client wins because they now have an effective funnel in place drumming up leads. And the funnel nerd wins because without you selling the funnel he would have never made the sale.

These services bring a lot of value to the marketplace for all parties.

In this episode, Ryan Stewman talks more about the wins that come with selling funnels.

2. Replaces Overhead

Selling funnels is the ultimate side hustle and one of the main reasons is because of its zero to low overhead.

It reduces the marketing and sometimes staffing overhead for the small business and is also low overhead for you as well.

Since all you are doing is selling the funnels and the funnel nerd is building them, you don’t have to worry much about any expenses.

You do not need to invest any of your cash, but you will have to invest your time.

Stewman goes further into this in the full episode so be sure to listen.

3. New Bubble

Selling funnels is the new bubble if you are a true salesperson. A real sales shark.

There are a lot of very well known and respected marketing experts in the marketplace talking about sales funnels and educating the masses on why your business needs a funnel.

That is to your advantage because these marketing/funnel experts are not a sales shark like you.

That leaves a lot of money on the table for you to scoop up.

Learn more in this episode about the new ultimate side hustle “Funnel Closers.”

4. Millionaires Created

Just because selling funnels is the ultimate side hustle doesn’t mean it can’t make you a millionaire.

With the average commission on most funnel sales ranging around $2,000, you have the potential to get some serious money if you willing to put in the work.

Not only do you have the potential to become a millionaire but so does the funnel nerd and the small business.

Ryan Stewman is going to help create 10 millionaire funnel closers so if you want to be one of them click here. 

5. High Demand

As we mentioned earlier in this post “every business needs a funnel” and there are plenty of small businesses out there that need a successful funnel.

That is a lot of demand and there aren’t nearly enough people out there offering these businesses funnel building services.

The demand is high and there is money to be made.

In the full episode, Ryan breaks down how you can start tapping into this profitable new bubble and reach your true earning potential.

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