5 Ways To Transform Trials Into Triumph

Posted on May 07, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has never had a trial in their life.


I would bet if you could take a sneak peek into other people’s lives, you might be surprised to see what you find.


Some people may have had minimal adversities and difficulties, while others may have gone through heartbreaking devastation and experiences that you could never imagine going through yourself.


Right now the entire world is enduring the global pandemic of the Coronavirus and maybe this current trial is the worst one you’ve been through so far.


Somehow, you made it through past trials, you can do it again.

5 Ways To Transform Trials Into Triumph

Here are 5 things you can do to help transform your own trials into triumph.

Think Back On The Trials You’ve Already Overcome

I want you to think back on one of the biggest hardships you have been through in your life.


Maybe you have been through many, but just think of a significant one that you are not currently in the middle of, but that you have already been through and have overcome.


As you think of this trial you have been through, think back on how you made it through.  How did you rise above that difficulty and get to the place where you are today?


What would have happened if you had just lived in fear, or had given up and not explored options to help you get through what felt like an impossible thing to endure at the time?


Recognizing the fact that you have already made it through tough things gives yourself proof that you can do hard things.  You can make it through the tough stuff.


You have already done it.  There is no reason you can’t do it again.

Accept The Situation Without Complaint

Sometimes trials we experience are a result of our own decisions and choices, sometimes they are the result of others’ decisions and choices, and sometimes, they are just a result of nature taking its course.


Whatever the reason for the trials you have gone through or that you are currently going through, the worst thing you can do is sit there and run “what if” scenarios in your head and find things to complain about or people to blame.


The situation is what it is. Complaining and blaming will never change that.

Find Support From Others

Having support from others as you endure difficult times can help you see things from a different perspective.


If there is anyone you can find who has been through the same trial you are going through, you can help each other and have someone to confide in when days get hard.


Depending on the situation, there may be support groups in your area or online groups you can join.  Or a licensed counselor or therapist can give you some additional help and advice as well.

Maintain A Positive Outlook

Don’t let yourself dwell on negativity.  Yes, the trial might be really hard, but when you find your mind wandering to those dark places, go back to step 1 and remember the trials you have already overcome.


You are strong because you have already made it through hard things in the past.  Don’t underestimate the power of positive affirmations.


Recite some positive quotes and words each day, listen to some positive uplifting stories, and talks and practice finding the good in things.

Find A Way To Release Tension

What helps you relieve stress? Laughter… music… Exercise… a combination of all of those?  Whatever it is, make sure you are taking some time to do some things that will help relieve stress and tension that arises from trials and difficulties.


For me, I like to go bang out some Chopin on the piano, or I’ll bake something yummy. What’s your stress reliever?

Never Lose Hope

The most important thing of all is to not give up hope. You have been through a lot but you have the strength within you to overcome more than you probably realize.


Don’t stop believing in yourself and keep faith and hope alive and you will get through whatever you are going through.

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