5 Ways You Should Invest Your Commission Check

Posted on March 15, 2017

Ryan Stewman



When we get that first BIG-ASS paycheck from closing some sales, we often don’t know what to do with it. Most of us grew up with middle to low class parents, no one in the neighborhoods we grew up in, or went to school with, were willing to give investment advice to us either. 
Naturally, due to lack of education, salespeople tend to treat their commission checks like lotto winners
Now, don’t shout me down. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ball out on a Friday night. I’m not about to tell you to stay home, be an introvert and pinch pennies. That’s not me, and that’s not the story here. 
I am, however, going to share with you my money spending habits and how in just a few short years, I’ve gone from rock bottom broke to over millions in assets without any debt. A colossal income is not needed either. If you’re making 6 figures or more annually in sales and you have NO IDEA what to do with your money, watch this video. 
My attorney is forcing me to tell you that I’m not an investment advisor. I have an 8th grade education and that you should never take advice from unlicensed professionals, especially those who come from sordid pasts…
Despite all that legal jargon shit, the video is awesome and filled with my personal insight and experience.
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