6 Loser Mindsets You Need to Eliminate Now

Posted on August 14, 2020

Ryan Stewman



We are a product of what we think and believe. 


Our minds can be programmed for greatness, or for average. 


If you’re having a tough time achieving your goals or if you feel that life is passing you by, it is most likely a result of the wrong mindset.

6 Loser Mindsets You Need to Eliminate Now

Unsuccessful people tend to subscribe to thoughts and beliefs that are only perpetuating the endless cycle of mediocrity that is keeping them stuck in the same place.


In order to crush through the Force of Average, you need to realize when these 6 loser mindsets start to creep in and eliminate them before they take hold and deliver the detriment of your dreams.

It’s Impossible

Ok. For the sake of reality, there are certain things that you have to accept that may be out of reach depending on the stage of life you are in.


If you decide at 50 years old you want to become an Olympic athlete or a professional football player, you can admit that those goals are not realistic.


However, it’s not out of reach or impossible to get your body into amazing athletic shape at 50, and you could compete in fitness competitions at any age.


If you truly have a desire to achieve something that feels impossible, do some research and find stories of people who have done it and follow them and learn how they made it happen. 


If someone else has done it, then you can too.


Change that mindset from “impossible” to “I’m possible” and you’ll be taking that first step toward achieving your dreams.

I’m Just Unlucky

This is a common excuse that is such a tempting concept because it takes away all responsibility from you. Instead of confronting the reasons you may be failing, you blame it on luck.


You also look at others and say they are just more lucky than me. Since you are attributing results of success to a random draw, there is no motivation to change or improve.


Now don’t get me wrong, luck definitely can play a part in some people’s success, but I believe that is the exception rather than the rule.


Change your mindset from thinking you need “luck” and realize that you need to “pluck” opportunities and work extremely hard to achieve them and then go do it.

I Can’t

This is one of the most common loser mindsets and it’s something we have been programmed with since we were little kids.


As soon as you say you can’t, you completely shut off any possibility of success. There is no way for your mind to conjure up a creative solution.


One of the most common uses of this term is “I can’t afford it.” How many times have you run into this objection in sales?


The moment you say “I can’t” your chance of success is already over. It is absolute. 


You are shutting the door of opportunity and throwing away the key.


Remember, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.


Change that mindset from “I can’t” to “I can” or “I will” and begin to program your mind to believe in yourself. 


If you need help, seek out a coach or counselor to help get your mind out of the weeds of average.

It’s Too Late

You think you’re too old and the window of opportunity to fulfill your dreams had passed you by? Let me share with you a few people you may have heard of who were over 40 before they achieved greatness.


Ray Croc- The founder of McDonald’s was 59 before he opened the first restaurant.


Vera Wang- The iconic fashion designer hailed by celebrities everywhere was 40 years old when she entered the fashion industry.


Samuel L. Jackson- One of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, who would have ever known that he was 46 before he got his big break. He went on to star in more than 130 films and generate over $13 billion in box office sales.


Laura Ingalls Wilder- I grew up watching The Little House on the prairie. Is hard to believe she didn’t publish her first book until she was 65 years old.


Sam Walton- You ever heard of Walmart? Well, he was no spring chicken when he founded it at the age of 44.


So the next time you think you’re past your prime, you need to review this list again and change that mindset from “It’s too late” to “It’s never too late” and get your butt to work.

I’m Destined to Fail

So you come from a long line of failures who haven’t accomplished anything in their lives and you think that means you won’t either?


You do not have to allow a loser environment and a bad childhood to dictate the outcome of your life. You can rise above anything that your family or friends have accomplished, whether they believe in you or not.


Look at the man, Ryan Stewman, and see how he defied all odds and achieved levels of greatness beyond anything that he was “destined” to do based on where he came from.


Change that mindset from “I’m destined to fail” to “I’m destined for greatness” and go prove them all wrong.

I Don’t Have Time

We’re probably all guilty of saying that at times, but this is where you have to ask yourself what you really want.


You make time for things that are important to you, so if you find that you don’t have time, then maybe you need to shift your priorities a bit.


Track your time and see where you might be wasting it, and then adjust your schedule to accommodate working toward your goals.


Change that mindset from “I don’t have time” to “How can I make time.” Set your objectives, make a plan, and make sure you’re spending time on this that brings you closer to, not further from those goals.


The Force of Average is constantly whispering these lies into your mind. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, then it’s up to you to extinguish these thoughts while they are a small spark.  


If not, you’ll be faced with an inferno of inferiority that will be nearly impossible to put out.  


The best way to keep them at bay is to create positive affirmations and repeat them daily, as well as every time you start to sense them creeping in. 


If you need help, seek out a coach or counselor or better yet, join us in Apex where you can surround yourself with winners.  


Once you get your mind right, before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to the greatness you desire.


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