7 Go-To Questions that Lead to More Closed Sales

Posted on January 06, 2014

Ryan Stewman



I’ve said it 100,000 times. “Questions lead to Confessions.” A good salesman knows how to ask the right questions. An even better salesman knows what responses he’s looking for. I’m always telling clients to ask better questions and undoubtedly they always ask me “what questions should I ask to get more closed sales?”   If I’ve been asked once, I’ve been asked 101,234,754 times for magic questions to ask. While I maintain there are no ‘magic’ questions, there are effective questions you can ask. For those of you that are really good, there are even loaded questions you can ask.    

There is no way I could ever list a perfect set of questions to ask. There are way too many products for sale out there to encompass true effectiveness on everything. Plus, as soon as those questions became gold and common use in the sales world, they would be on the “what to watch for” radar of all our prospects.  

Here are 7 powerful questions every salesman should use in each sales conversation. These questions provide clarity and possible word traps for you to be able to SHOW your prospects how bad they need what you are selling.  

What made you decide to reach out to me? This gem of a question never let’s me down. Esp if you work with inbound and internet leads. One of the hardest things to do is to get another human to make a decision. Most folks are so fu%*king indecisive it’s killing them. And they don’t even know it. When you get them to answer this question, subliminally they are admitting they already made a decision. Use the momentum and press forward.  

If everything works out perfect according to YOUR plan, what does the outcome look like?
This question holds a lot of power too. Once a prospect or client answers this question in detail, they’ve pretty much told you everything they need done to be able to buy from you. If you can provide the same outcome as the one they described, you got a good chance of getting them to buy from you.  

What is your end goal in working with me? How many salesmen do you know that lost a deal last minute due to not being crystal clear with their prospect/client? I’m sure you know a lot of them. In any sales transaction you need to understand what the client wants out of the relationship. This question also allows you to reinforce and provide more clarity when asked right after “If everything works out perfect according to you plan…” The more clear you are up front on what it is they want from you, the more likely you are to deliver it to them.  

How much effort are you willing to put in to accomplish this result? No one likes lazy clients. No one wants to do all the work and the client not help out either. It’s important to sniff out lazy prospects. Once they become a client it’s too late. If you sell something that is going to require effort from the client, like coaching, consulting etc.. you need to prescreen them. The last thing a good salesman wants is the blame for a bum client.  

Have you tried to fix this before? If so, what did you do and how did it work? This is the perfect question to find out if they have tried to do something alone or with one of your competitors. Obviously the reason they are with you now is the problem still exists. Find out what they did that hasn’t worked and half your job has already been done for you. What to avoid goes a long way. You can also use this question to show them how they fu*%ed it up alone and need your help now.  

How bad do you want to solve this problem you have? Motivation is a must. If a client is only ho-hum about getting their problem solved, you can expect they will be ho-hum about the solution you provide too. If there is work required on the client’s end and they could give two sh!ts about his problem, you will find yourself with a whole new problem too. Eliminate the non-motivated clients first. Those guys suck.  

Would you like my help solving your problem? The ultimate close! Of course they want your help. You have to make them an offer in order for them to ask. Or you can just ask the above question. After you give your pitch. After they understand everything you can do for them. That’s when you close and ask if they want you to solve it. When they say “yes” you simply give them the amount it cost and ask them can they get started on a definitive date. Don’t leave a closing statement broad. Go specific each time.  

You can use these 7 power questions as a template to write your next script. You can modify the wording in these questions to fit your style as well. No matter what you do, you must ask questions. People don’t like to be told and sold. They like to make an informed buying decision. A good salesman’s job is to lead them to that decision.  

If you want my help structuring sales pitches, closing tactics and marketing strategies you can fill out the form below to set a time for us to chat. I don’t work with everyone but if we are a good fit together, we will def kick some marketplace @ss!

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