7 Hardcore Closes That Save Sales and Seal Deals

Posted on July 16, 2015

Ryan Stewman



We all want to close more sales. Right? I mean, if you’re in the sales industry and your goal this month is not bigger than the goal you set for last month, you’re in the wrong industry. Maybe you should try being an interior decorator or a scientist. For those of us with serious goals on our mind, the only way we can hit those goals is by simply closing more sales. In order to close more sales, not only do you need more prospects, you also need better calls to action, so you can make the most out of the prospects you pitch.

The best closes are simple but bold. They consist of word tracks the average salesman is afraid to mutter. Closes that convert contain confidence. When you’re able to say what others won’t, you’ll close what others don’t.

I’ve put together my seven favorite, go-to word tracks that get the job done. I’ve personally recited these closes thousands of times each. I spit them out from muscle memory these days. If you’ll memorize and use them in your everyday closing convos, you’ll see the difference, too.

#1: Take Away Close:

You’re number one on my list but since you turned me down I am going to work with John Smith now. Do you know him?”

Most people view take away closes as “you can’t have it” BS. I do mine a little differently. When a prospect says they are not interested, try the sh!t I’m about to share with you. It works. Before you have the meeting, do your research. Find out your prospect’s competitor’s name. As soon as they say, “No,” simply tell them it’s a damn shame you’re going to have to do this stuff for (insert competitor’s name.)

#2: Hey, By the Way:

“Hey by the way, this is what I do. If you like this and want more help with it, I can help you, but I want your business in exchange. What’s it gonna be?”

Passively selling can be extremely effective if used correctly. This sale works best when you are creating the bond and trust. When the small talk is gone and the offer needs to be made, this method can be one of the most effective, yet one of the easiest phrases to throw out.

#3: If Not You, Who?

I understand you are not interested, so who do you know who will be? I’m going to make an example out of someone. If it’s not you, who would you like to see me help?”

Sometimes, you get turned down. The prospect huffs their chest and just says, “NO.” Most people expect you to just take their “NO” and leave, but not you. You’re gonna thank them for their time and ask who they know who you can help. Most people will give you referrals just so you’ll not ask them for biz again. #winning

#4: Lead by Example:

This is what worked for the last agent when they did business with me. If you would like those same results for you, cool. If not, I’ll be on my way.” (Make sure you have prepared the results in advance).

If you have the ability to show your stuff working for someone else, especially if that someone else is an authority figure in the market, you’ll land more deals, plain and simple. Lots of people just talk and make noise. If you come armed with real life examples of success, it’s going to make it harder for that prospect to say, “NO.”

#5: You Want It, Don’t You:

I closed three deals from social media last month. Surely, your friends want to do business with you, right?”

This gem includes one of the strongest elements of influence there is—social proof. Showing the prospect other people similar to them who have obtained the results they want will make a competitive person think they can do it, too. That’s when you get ’em!

#6: I Know, But:

“I know you’re loyal, but do you want to grow your business or do you want to continue to feed theirs?”

No matter what is said, it is all voided by what comes after the “but.” This is the close you go to when they tell you they already have a relationship with another vendor in place. If what you sell is better for them or their clients, why wouldn’t they want to push your stuff on the same terms?

#7: What’s Next:

Absolutely I’d love to make that happen for you, what’s next?”

Action words get deals closed. Nothing is worse than playing the He-Who-Speaks-First-Loses game when you’ve just made an offer. Instead, try what I do, keep the momentum flowing by making the pitch then asking them to make a decision. Simple. Bold. Effective.

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