7 Powerful Daily Habits That Lead To More Closed Sales

Posted on December 03, 2017

Ryan Stewman



There’s really only one goal all salespeople have in common. That goal is to close more sales. It’s simple, true and the number one thing we salespeople focus on every day. We ALL want to close more sales. The thing about us sales folks is that we are never satisfied. I’ve never heard a salesman say, “I had a record month last month, I’ma try and sell less this month.” 
The main problem we run into as salespeople is exhaustion. We work our asses off one month, and as soon as it’s over, we gotta do the same thing we did and more, just to feel that inner sense of sales satisfaction. It’s a grind and if you don’t make some kind of routine out of it, it will eat you up.
We’ve all seen our fair share of people who quit the sales racket. It’s a tough gig. Most folks drop out because they don’t have the correct habits needed in order to totally dominate it in sales. Sales takes mental toughness and weak-minded people can’t hang in such a tough business. 
There are seven crucial daily habits that lead to closed sales. I always say, “How you do anything is how you do everything,” and the way you do life, is a reflection of the amount of sales you can close. If you half-ass do everything, you will half-ass close sales as well. That’s why these seven habits are so important. 
Waking up early: It all starts with how you start. Winners wake up early. When you’re excited about living life and closing sales, you spend as little time as you can sleeping. I wake up at 4:30am every day without an alarm clock and I’ve been doing so for years now. I immediately get to work in my home office and by the time 7am rolls around, I’ve knocked out hours of work before the sun even comes up. 
Exercising: After I’ve got my work in, I go work my body. It takes a ton of discipline to exercise daily; it also takes a lot of discipline to prospect and close sales each day. If you can endure a hardcore workout, you can endure anything, including hard sales calls. Work the body hard and you will work the phones equally as hard. 
Following a schedule: I live and die by a schedule. At every given moment I know who I should be talking to and what we should be talking about. I know what time to make calls and what time to write blogs. I keep my entire life inside my Google calendar. Staying on schedule helps you become efficient at closing sales. Especially when closing sales is on your calendar. 
Setting goals: How can you know you’re winning if you don’t keep score? Goals are what keeps you pushing to the next level. Without setting goals, you are simply and aimlessly running through life and as I stated before, how you do anything (life) is how you do everything (work). You need a strict set of goals and you need to work for them like you’ve got a gun to your head and the trigger will get pulled if you don’t meet your goals. 
Meeting new people: Every single day you need to add at least five new people to your CRM. These are people you meet on the streets, in meetings and online. Especially online. Meeting new people is essential to creating big pipelines. Not a single day should go by that you don’t meet and connect with new people and add them to your CRM and prospect lists. 
Asking for the business: If you don’t attempt to close sales daily, you won’t close sales daily. Pretty simple and 100 percent true. You have to ask for business from people who are able to give it to you. If you don’t ask,, you don’t eat. My friend’s dad always said, “A closed mouth goes unfed around here,” when I would stay over. Same thing goes in sales. If you don’t ask, they won’t give. 
Not going home until all the work is done: I don’t know where people got the notion of working from nine to five. Work ends when the work is done. Those who leave work unfinished are constantly behind and you can’t get ahead if you are always behind. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight. You should never end the work day without getting everything that was on your schedule done. Closers finish what they start. 
Your habits can make or break you. The habits you create for yourself matter. Life is about setting yourself up to win as often as possible. By creating these habits in your life, you’re mastering multiple areas of your life and each area bleeds over into other areas. Some of these habits may not seem like they have much to do with sales, but they do. 
Sales is a tough job. That’s why so many quit. If you’re going to see yourself having long-term success without destroying your life, soul and family, you need to incorporate these habits into your life. You’ve got to harden your muscles, strengthen your mind and open your network every single day. These actions lead to being a sales superstar. 
One last side point I’d like to make, is that you become who you surround yourself with. While it’s not a habit to connect with winners, it’s always a good thing. I’ve created the ultimate group of winners that we call the Entourage. You can find out the details and join by going to www.breakfreeacademy.com/entourage 

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