7 Simple Sales Hacks For Closers

Posted on May 06, 2014

Ryan Stewman



As a salesman, you should always be sharpening your sales sword. Every day you should be arming yourself with more tools that will help you sell more sh!t.
   Think about it. You’ve got continual opportunity to generate new leads and make more sales every day. What would one more sale a day, or even just one per week do for your income?  Im going to share some simple sales hacks with you that make sense.

The problem most salesmen face is boredom. We get stuck in a rut and get comfortable doing the same things over and over. In order to be truly effective you have to consistently grow and improve.   When you find yourself in a sales slump and you can’t seem to break out the main thing you need to do is switch things up. I’ve got a few cheat codes for the sales game. Yep, I said ‘cheat code’ like left, left, right, right, up down, up down, B, A, start, type sh!t.

Professional mind-changers should always strive to improve and arm themselves with new ways to close. Lemme share with you 7 simple yet powerful sales hacks for closers.  

Change your ringtone:

Music does amazing things to the human mind. Music can alter moods, increase energy and bring back pleasant memories. In the same way fighters come out to theme songs, you should have your ringtone be your theme song. Every time your phone rings, the fight is on.   When you get in a rut, changing your ringtone is the best $.99 you could spend. Think about it. When the phone rings you instantly get a charge of euphoria from your mostest favorite jam.  

Stand up when you sell:

So many people don’t take advantage of this simple performance enhancing move. When you stand up you project more power than when sitting. Most so-called sales people are lazy as fu*k so they sit on their a$$ selling nothing.   Smart sales people will take every angle they can. Even when you are on the phone and your prospect can’t see you, you should stand. Hell, I prefer to pace. It keeps energy flowing and raises the momentum of the call in your advantage.  

Sit when you listen:

On the flip side, you should be seated when listening to your clients concerns and objections. This relaxes you to where you are not as tempted to interrupt and verbally vomit your BS all over your prospect and blow a sale.   A good salesman knows selling is solving. In order for you to solve you need to listen. Control the pace of the conversation by sitting when spoken to and standing when speaking. You’ll find the scales will tip in your favor time and time again.  

Use the mute button on the phone:

While you’re sitting there quietly listening to the story the prospect is telling you, go ahead and mute the phone. This way you are less likely to interrupt. As salesmen we get excited. Especially when we think we have the answer to your problems.   I’m even known to talk over prospects with the mute button on. I’ve yelled, screamed, cussed and cried all the while my prospect had no idea due to the fact that I’ve completely quieted my end of the conversation.  

Send them an intro video before the call:

Sales starts at the first impression. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You might as well go to work letting them get to know you. Video is one, if not the most, powerful ways known to send a message.   It takes 7 touches for someone to become familiar with you. By the time you get on the sales call you’ve already been in front of them two or three times. Also, this gives them the ability to put a voice with a face. While you are talking on the phone to them, they will picture you from the video you sent.

Text them 5 mins before you call:

These days over 86% of ALL phone calls go unanswered. This means almost every call you make results in voicemail. People don’t want to talk to strangers and if your number is not stored they probably won’t answer.   People do get texts though. About 5 mins before your scheduled sales call you should send the following text “Hey (name) it’s (your name) and this is the number I will be calling you from for our appointment in 5 mins. Looking forward to it” You’ll find yourself with a higher show rate just by giving a little heads up.  

Find common Facebook connections:

Social proof is a really big deal these days. The whole 6 pixels of separation really works in your favor these days too. Even if you’re not friends with someone, Facebook will tell you what common connections you share. This is a powerful conversation opener.   Think of the power behind the phrase “hey, I heard you know (what’s his name). He’s a great guy. I’ve known him forever. How did you meet him?” This immediately tears down the wall around any prospect.  

I could literally go on all day long with simple, yet powerful hacks like these. You can spend three days learning them all first hand from me. I do this thing called ‘Break Free Academy‘ for entrepreneurs like you. We work hand in hand over three days to create scripts, videos and lead funnels tailored to your specific business.  

BFA is open to ALL entrepreneurs. If you have a business and sell stuff there’s a chance this program is for you. The reason I say ‘chance’ is this is not for everyone. It’s for badasses that want to fu*king dominate what they do. It’s not for pussies who want shit handed to them. Fill out the form on this page and we will get you into the interview process with one of our members.

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