7 Ways To Make Sales on Social Media (Even with Only 500 Followers) [Video]

Posted on January 10, 2018

Ryan Stewman



It’s easier than ever to get leads and close sales from social media. While a lot of people are complaining about the changed algorithm and so forth, you are staring at the biggest opportunity in history to make sales at a rapid pace. Just a decade ago, your only choices for sales were cold calling, networking and door knocking. Now, with over four billion people using social media, you can make sales without ever meeting, or even speaking to prospects. 
I first made money from social media in 2009. I was fresh out of federal prison, and I had ZERO prospects in my pipeline. I started doing some of the things I’m about to share with you and making sales. I was doing millions of dollars in mortgage business from Facebook alone.

That’s when I knew I had found a better way.

Flash forward, and I’ve been teaching people how to make money from social media for over eight years. I’ve helped multiple people become millionaires from social media sales. Almost everyone I’ve helped to make money on social media has had to start from scratch. That means no mass popularity and nothing but hard work to build a following from nothing. 
Most people want to know where to start and how to find “new” people to connect with so they can sell them something. When most people wake up to the social selling revolution, they realize they only have close friends and family as connections and they need some real prospects fast. 
Here are seven ways you can make sales on social media no matter if you have a big following or not.
Groups: Groups are the best place to find leads and connections on social media. Think about it; groups are niche interest segments of the Internet. If you are selling to real estate investors, there are hundreds of groups full of thousands of members for you to join, engage and close in. Groups are also the only place (on most sites) where no ads pop up.
Strategy: Find a group to join and instead of posting and spamming, engage with other posters in their comments. Reach out to the admin and ask what the group needs that you maybe can help with. Get to know the top posters, the group influencers and the active commenters. Treat groups like rooms of people who are perfect fits for what you sell. 
Search Bar: Search bars on social media sites are grossly underused. Mostly because people think they can only search for profiles. In reality, social media search bars filter all the content on the site for you. It’s literally a Google of the entire network, with every post and profile. The better you get at using the search bar, the more leads you’ll find. 
Strategy: Go to your social media site of choice and type in quotations and phrases like “buying a car in Dallas,” and it will bring up all the people who’ve posted about buying a car in Dallas. From there, you can comment or DM them to see if they have bought yet or not. Search for phrases on social media that your prospects might post about but put them in quotations.
Influencer Pages: Influencers are easy pages to get leads from. Leaders like Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Eric Worre and Dan Bilzerian have like-minded people following them. These pages have millions of followers and can’t keep up with people commenting. The comments on their posts are filled with people asking for help. The influencer most likely won’t help them but you can.
Strategy: Figure out what influencers your prospects follow and follow them as well. Turn on the notifications and every time they post, sift through the comments. When you find someone who needs your help, reply to their comment (with value, not a pitch) and start a conversation with them. 
Marketplace: Only a few social sites have this feature right now. It’s social media’s version of Craigslist. In the marketplace, people sell all sorts of stuff. From guns to cars to TVs and houses. You can trust the people in the marketplace a little more than Craigslist because FB does a good job verifying profiles.
Strategy: Look through the marketplace and see who’s selling stuff that would trigger them to need what you sell. If they are selling a TV, car or house, chances are they need another one. Go sell them what they need to be sold. 
Find Friends: This is a feature on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It matches users up with other users the algorithm deems compatible. In other words, it’s saying “Here’s someone you should connect with.” If you are bold enough, send a few of those people who look qualified, a request every day. Do some social recon on them first, though.
Strategy: Go to your friend finder and send a request to a few people. Once they accept, send them a message thanking them for connecting. Nothing creepy. Maybe even add some value for them. Be cool, just as if you’d met someone in real life. Once you make the first impression, keep communicating over time to create familiarity, sales and referrals
Events: Events are much like groups in that they are both great for connecting with like-minded people. Think of events as groups with expiration dates. Events have lots of people posting, RSVPing and interacting. Events are great places to find people who fit your prospect profile.
Strategy: If you know a big event is coming near you, find the event on social media and join it. Then engage in the comments, make posts and connect with like-minded people who you feel are a good fit for your following. Look for BIG events so you can connect with the event coordinator, etc. 
Live Video: Most social media sites offer live video right now. It’s the most popular thing on social media as of the time I write this. Social sites are pushing live videos and quality video content really hard right now. Plus, video gives you a real live look into how someone lives, acts or works.
Strategy: Do a live video once a week and ask your network to comment, share and like your video. While you are recording the live video ask them to engage, invite cool people and share your video. It’s like automatically getting referrals from your perfect prospects. 
I’ve made millions from social media and just a decade ago I was flat broke with no hopes in life. I was literally stripped of all my freedoms. There are a lot of people out there teaching social media who have a small following and who haven’t made any real money from it. When it comes to making money online, I’ve done it from scratch, for years now, and am always on the forefront. I’d like to help you do the same. Join my training and coaching program today: www.breakfreeacademy.com/entourage 

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