7 WordTracks You Can Use To Overcome Prospect Objections

Posted on July 06, 2015

Ryan Stewman



As a lifelong student of the sales game, I’m always arming myself, my sales team and my clients with word tracks, that if memorized and used correctly, can help when you are in heated sales negotiations to overcome prospect objections.

The key with word tracks is to not only memorize them, but to use them on a regular basis. If you do phone, car, or real estate sales and you find yourself needing a quick comeback for an objection, a word track can save you in a pinch.

Remember flash cards in school? Think of word tracks like flashcards. The faster you get at firing them out, the more sales you can close.

I’ve come up with seven of the best word tracks I know. These are my personal go-to closes that I use regularly. Yes, they may seem simple and that’s exactly why they work. The less complicated you make the sale, the better.

Word Track #1:

“I completely understand where you are coming from, sign here.”

Sounds too easy huh? Truth is, this word track works more often than you’d expect. It takes confidence to look a prospect in the eye right after they’ve handed you a bullshit objection…and still close them.

This close is not for the weak. Oftentimes, the prospect just wants to feel your confidence in getting the job done. Using this word track usually opens the prospect’s mind to the foolishness of their objection.

Word Track #2:

One day you’re going to go from just looking to buying anyway. Let me save you the time and turn you into a client today. Let’s roll!”

The “let’s roll” on the end of this word track is crucial. It keeps the momentum and energy flowing. Look, they wouldn’t be checking out what you sell if they didn’t like it. Why people deprive themselves in the ways they do, I’ll never understand.

Your prospect is most likely going to buy what you sell in the near future anyway, why not make them a buyer today? This will not only free up their time due to no more looking around, but it will give them the happiness of ownership.

Word Track #3:

“You can absolutely talk to your spouse. Would you like to use my office phone?”

Oh God, they hate it when you call their bluff and pull this one on them. Even worse is when they say, “I’ll talk to her at home we need privacy” I always comeback with “Privacy? No problem, you can use my office.”

Most of the time the spouse knows their partner is shopping and has already given the go-ahead. The spouse objection is simply a stall tactic. Don’t fall for it. Remember, closing is a service. It’s a favor to the prospect.

Word Track #4:

“I like where your head’s at and the numbers you came up with, but this is a real deal and the best one I can give you. Sign here.”

People always have lower numbers in their head than what’s real (thanks largely to lies on the Internet.) They forget taxes, fees and whatever else they don’t take into account when they come up with their estimate. Then they always act shocked when your numbers, the real numbers, are higher than the mystical guesstimate they made up.

It’s your job as a salesman to show them the math and get them to understand that the numbers they have dreamed up are wrong…in a cool way, of course. Be calm, do the math and build value to show them it’s worth the cost.

Word Track #5:

I’d say the same thing if I were in your position, but we can get all this done now and stop prolonging the pain. What’s next?”

The “what’s next” is a big part of this. Again, it keeps the momentum up. When you overcome a big objection by using this word track, you’ve got to keep them moving or they might get offended.

This close can be used when the prospect has a lower expectation of price than what the price really is. Simply agree with them that you’d want that deal too, and then show them why it’s a good idea to buy today.

Word Track #6:

“My job is to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. I take my job very seriously. What can I do to make you happy today?”

Good customer service can really help close a sale. The law of reciprocity is strong if you go above and beyond. Now, of course, there are always sociopaths who don’t care, but the majority of people appreciate being treated right.

This close will also let you know what the prospect’s expectations are, assuming they tell you what would make them close. Even if their numbers or wants are way the F off, keep working them toward the middle and show them you’re on their team.

Word Track #7:

You can’t lose. The consequences of this decision can only bring happiness to your life. You do deserve to be happy don’t you?”

A good deal is a good deal. If you know you’re giving them a great deal, they know you’re giving them a great deal, just f’n close it, will you!!! If you’re attempting to close on a win-win or a win in the client’s direction, don’t be afraid to show them why they are winning.

People love to feel like they got over on a salesman. I learned early on to exploit this and make them think I didn’t know what they were doing. Meanwhile I’d always be two steps ahead. People love to win, show them a win, then close them!

Now that you’ve got some new word tracks to use in these everyday objective situations, use them. They won’t do you any good if you don’t move your lips and say them to living breathing prospects.

Again, I know they may be simple, but keeping it simple keeps it selling. Trust me on that. Simplicity sells. That’s why superhero movies sell and documentaries don’t. Simple. Sadly, most folks are simple, but that’s what they need anyway, so it all works out.

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