75 Hard

Posted on October 29, 2020

Ryan Stewman



If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty damn good chance you’ve heard of 75Hard. Before I get into the purpose of sharing Andy Frisella’s life-changing program and how it can change your business for the better, here are the details:

2 workouts per day, minimum 45 minutes each, one MUST be outdoors
Drink a gallon of water
Read 10 pages of a self/business development book (no audio or Ebooks allowed)
Take a progress pic
Follow a diet/healthy eating plan, no cheat meals, no alcohol

Do all that for 75 straight days, no compromise, no exceptions. Miss any one component and you start all over again on day 1.

As I write this, the man himself, Ryan Stewman, is in the final stages of 75Hard. I’ve personally completed the entire LiveHard program (75Hard and a few other components), coached numerous people thru it, and witnessed many others crush it as well.

The physical results are typically astounding.


Even most “active” people only workout 3-5 times per week. Bump that number to 14 workouts per week, take out the junk food and booze, drink plenty of water, and it’s no surprise that weight loss and fat loss occur. However, this program was designed for more than just getting your physical self in shape.

Time Management
People look at this program and one of the first things that come out of their mouths is “I don’t have time for all that.” And at that moment, they’re correct. If you don’t believe you have the time, then you won’t make it a priority. The fact, however, is we all have time for what’s important to us. Executing this program reveals how much time we waste on useless shit, and helps to refocus your efforts in all areas of life. For those of you who are business owners and salespeople, you begin to see time differently, prioritize better, and spend less time mindlessly scrolling (literally and figuratively), and more time on revenue-producing activities.

No BS Tolerance
It’s amazing what we tolerate in life, no only from others, but from ourselves. When you start operating at a higher level and holding YOURSELF more accountable, you begin to see the world differently. You notice the constant excuses others voice. You notice the excuses you used to make. You notice the acceptance of average everywhere you go and a fire gets lit to not succumb any longer. It’s kind of like The Matrix, once your mind is exposed, it’s difficult to turn back.

Business/Personal Growth
No one begins 75Hard saying “I’m going to do this to grow my business!” That would be foolish and nearsighted. We often question what we need to learn to attain the success we desire in life, but we rarely ask the more poignant question of “Who do I need to become?” THAT is typically the missing link. Information is everywhere, and the answers to most technical things can be found for free on the innawebs. Changing from the inside, though, that’s a different ballgame. We often need to become the person who doesn’t settle for less, who operates with integrity in everything we do, who doesn’t waste time, who gets the job done without exception, and who persists no matter the external circumstances. If you do those things, you will separate yourself from the vast majority of humans in existence, and you will surely experience unprecedented personal and professional growth.

If this is the first time hearing of 75Hard, or you’ve been on the fence for a while, this is your sign to take the plunge. EVERYONE who completes this program comes out a better person. And if you need help navigating the process, just click HERE. I’d love to help you succeed.

Aaannnddd GO!

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