A Day in the Life of 2 Salesmen

Posted on August 15, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Sean and MeRecently, I’ve opened up a mastermind group for Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing LA. Sean Matheis and I got Josh to agree to help a maximum of 50 agents. I agreed to do the marketing and selling of the memberships. We got bombarded with applications (to be expected) and got WAY behind on admitting the applicants that Josh approved of.    

Like any good sales person does, we went through a few steps prior to jumping into phone calls. From our efforts, we made $2,000 from text messages alone. By the end of the session we made an additional $2,000 from phone calls. All in less than an hour and a half.   This session proves that a sales person with perseverance and commitment can do anything. I was hung up on, told “NO” and everything else. So was Sean! Did we give up? Hell no! We stuck it out, made over 100 phone calls and raked in some cash in exchange for serious value from Josh. That is what it is like living a day in the life of  2 salesmen.    

You can learn a lot from watching this video. You can see how I handle objection. How I deal with rejection and how smoothly I deal with questions. You can also see how Sean does the same things. Wonder where he learned that shit from?   If you would like to learn the sales process we used in each of these calls, you can take advantage of my latest product Supercharged Production. This program has everything you could want to dominate in sales and marketing. When it comes to training, I always over deliver. I’ll even bribe you with a free video just for checking it out.  

A day in the life of 2 salesmen


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