A Shitty Offer Can Cost You a Fortune In Sales

Posted on November 20, 2016

Ryan Stewman



Most salespeople fail to earn at their true potential because they fail to craft a good offer. If there’s one thing that’s killed more sales than anything else, it’s a shitty offer. Without a killer offer, there is no close. Without an amazing opportunity for your prospect to do business with you, they won’t. 
Most people think they can pitch their business. Most think they have it down. I hear it all the time: “Man, all I have to do is get in front of someone and I can close them.” But that’s rarely the truth. We sales folk tend to forget the “NO’s” and focus on the “YES’s,” which means most of you don’t really know how bad your offers are.
When clients in BFA or The Tribe come to me for help, the first thing I ask is, “What’s your offer?” Because I know that’s where it all starts. Even if you absolutely suck at sales, a strong offer will close for you.

The offer is the most important part of the sale, yet it’s the least focused on by the majority of the sales force. 

The offer is the invitation to the opportunity of conducting business with the salesperson. Matter of fact, think of the close as the offer. You wouldn’t come in with a cloudy, weak-ass close, so make sure your offer isn’t that way either. Your offer attracts people to do business with you. The wrong offer will attract the wrong prospects. Focus on the offer, perfect it and closing sales will become that much easier for you.
Let me share some key components to creating an offer which converts prospects into closed clients. If you’re not 100 percent certain your offer is the absolute best it can be, take a while to study what I’m about to share and implement it into your offer immediately.

Your entire commission check depends on your ability to present a badass offer. Take the time to get it right. 

Offers Need To Be Clear: If you make your offer to a 5-year old and the kid has no clue what you are offering, your offer isn’t clear. Just because you know how your business works, and what the prospect gets, doesn’t mean your prospect knows. Your offer needs to spell out exactly what your client will get and why they should take you up on it. 
For example: my offer on my mortgage sales training was: “I’ll show you how to close at least two million in volume monthly using easy-to-deploy social media marketing strategies.” This offer speaks directly to the intended prospect.
If a loan officer, my intended audience, sees that offer, they immediately know what they will get and what it means. They know what two million per month represents. They also may be confused by social media and tech, so adding “easy-to-deploy” takes the edge off. Again, any rookie LO knows what I’m talking about. It’s crystal clear. The way all offers should be. 
Offers Need To Be Short: Mapping the human genome is the biggest discovery in the history of mankind. When the scientists who discovered this phenomenon won the Nobel Peace Price and were asked to give a presentation, their presentation was less than three minutes. If the breakdown on the biggest discovery in history takes less than three minutes to explain, your shit needs to be short, too.

Wordy motherfuckers starve to death.

For example: my offer to P&C insurance agents was: “Learn how to write 40+ policies each and every week on autopilot.” I didn’t have to get into the specifics. I just gave them the offer in the simplest, shortest way possible.
These days, the public’s ADHD is strong. Especially online, which is where I run all my ads. Due to this fact, I know I need to keep my offers short, or my prospects won’t even read them. We live in a time where most long-form sales pages sell due to pictures, not the writing. In this post-fact world, people make decisions based on concise and easy-to-understand offers. 
Offers Need To Include a CTA: If you’re not telling the prospect what to do, they won’t do anything. An offer needs to include a call-to-action (CTA) compelling the prospect to move forward. Without calling the prospect to action, your offer does nothing more than inform. Informing is not closing. You close when you present a solution AND a process to provide the solution. Anything else is jibber jabber.
For example: when I run webinars my offer is always: “Register to learn the secret to generating more leads, closing more sales and charging premium prices.” This offer tells people what to expect while calling on them to “register,” which is the action I want them to take. 
For salespeople, this offer is the trifecta. Leads, sales and premium prices are a dream come true. To learn how to make this dream come true, prospects simply have to register. It’s quick. It’s clear. And it calls the reader to take action. Click—Boom—POW!

It’s impossible to be in sales and not understand what’s being offered and how to obtain it. 

There’s more to creating badass offers than just these three components I’ve shared, but you know how it is on the Internet. You don’t have the focus and I don’t have the writing skills to keep you reading all day long. The bottom line is…you need to work on your offer. A strong offer makes even a weak close an effective one. It’s all about the offer.
Take some time today, or over the coming week, to perfect your offer. Make it fit the above-listed format. You can even use my offers as templates. Once you improve your offer, you’ll improve your earnings. I promise. I’ve got an online learning experience coming up and if you’d like to know more about offers, lead gen, sales and ads, simply register at www.hcwebinar.com and I’ll see you there. 

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