A Story About A Little Kid and A Bird Dog [Video]

Posted on August 24, 2020

Ryan Stewman



I don’t tell many stories from my childhood. Hell, I don’t have many stories from my childhood. I’ve managed to suppress many of them.
One of the stories from childhood that I remember as vividly as yesterday is when my father caught me messing up his bird dogs.
My dad would spend months training these dogs to point for quail, and I messed one of the dogs up in an instance.
There’s a big ah-ha lesson in this video that will make you realize that some decisions we make, mess our thinking up for the rest of our lives.
My goal with this video is to entertain you, share a story with you, and change your mind about how you choose to make decisions. Share this video if you like it and help others make good decisions in their lives as well.

A Story About A Little Kid and A Bird Dog

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