Advanced Closing Skills For Serious Sales Professionals [Video]

Posted on June 27, 2018

Ryan Stewman



The internet is full of sales tips for people. Hell, this site alone has over 2,000 blog posts and all of them are about sales in one form or another. The thing is, most sales advice comes from someone who’s not making sales or someone who couldn’t close a Chic-fil-A on a Sunday.

I’ve been in the trenches closing sales since I was 13 years old.

I got my first set of Zig Ziglar cassettes and was into the grind before I even knew what the grind was. By the time I was 14, I was closing thousands of sales on the weekends working for the car wash my adopted dad managed.

I parlayed those sales skills into closing over 1,000 mortgages in less than eight years. From there, I took my closing skills online and have closed more than 11,000 digital and coaching sales in the last six years. I can sell from the stage, face to face, on the phone, in video, via text and in holograph form. Give me a year and I’ll be selling my shit to the Alexa you have sitting on your kitchen countertop.

In this video, I give you some advanced sales techniques you can use to close sales today.

These aren’t “feel good” sales strategies that make life easy for you. They are stone cold closing techniques that work when you get to work. So, watch the video, get to work and close some sales today.

Also, if you need to make more sales, I recommend you check out PhoneSites where you can build a website from your phone in less than five minutes without any prior tech skills or specified training. Create the PhoneSite funnel; post it on social media then watch the leads come pouring in!

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