Always Ask for More

Posted on October 25, 2018

Ryan Stewman



I’m about to address one of the biggest holes in most salespeople’s game. What’s worse is that 99% of salespeople don’t do what I’m about to share with you. Salespeople make this mistake and miss out on doubling, tripling and 10Xing their income, without having to work harder. I’m about to reveal to you the ultimate game changer for salespeople. 

Always ask for more!

Sadly, most salespeople operate from a state of fear. 
They are scared the prospect will say “no.” 
They are scared they will miss a commission.
They are scared they will waste their time.
The list goes on…
It’s no doubt sales is scary. Let’s be real, sales is a risky job. You only get paid on what you sell, and you have to make a sale to feed your family. So, the stakes are high. If we miss a sale, we miss a meal. Salespeople stay hungry, so the thought of missing a meal is scary. It’s these fears that keep massive amounts of salespeople from making massive amounts of money.
I’m talking about the upsell. The upsell is the easiest money you’ll ever make in sales. It’s so much easier to sell something else to someone who’s already sold than it is to close the initial sale. As a matter of fact, the most lucrative upsell campaign in the history of sales is “would you like fries and a drink with that?” Think about it, they already sold you on a burger, why not ask if you want sides? This single question and single upsell has made McDonald’s and many other fast food chains BILLIONS.
We know “fries with that” is a billion-dollar campaign that’s stood the test of time, yet most salespeople never ask for more. When the prospect buys a car, it’s a lot easier to sell a warranty with it. When they buy a home, it’s easy to sell an alarm system with it. So, why do so many salespeople settle and not ask for more?
It all stems from the fear that they will lose the first sell. But, like most things we are afraid of, that’s bullshit. Once a prospect makes the decision to buy, it’s pretty hard to change their mind. Even in situations with bad service, once the prospect has made up their mind to buy, they endure the bad service to get what they want. In other words, don’t fear the upsell.
You need to figure out what bolt-on services you can offer to your prospects. It’s so much easier to collect upsell money than it is to close the first sale. You might as well take advantage of the client being in a buying mood.

Ask yourself: what can you upsell your clients?

You don’t want to upsell them bullshit either. You need to think of items and services that your prospect will need and then find a way to sell it to them. For example, at the McLaren dealer, they sell aftermarket products like exhaust, wheels, and trim kits. When you buy a $300K car, they offer you $10K wheels which seems like nothing at that point. Most people buy upgrades. 
When you sell someone a home, think about what else they will need. Internet, an alarm, electricity and more. You can get connected with these service providers and sell their products for them and get a commission. You can make free money selling the client stuff they already need. Someone is going to do it; it might as well be you. 
Most salespeople settle with one sale, but successful closers always ask for more. All you have to do is ask for the business. It’s easier, more comfortable and highly profitable. If you don’t ask for more you damn sure won’t get it. 
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