An Hour Long Training on How to Prospect Agents in Less than 90 Seconds

Posted on July 15, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Last week my pal Chad Webber and I got together and put on a hell of a show for some lucky Agents and Loan Officers. The webinar was a full hour of sick content. I talk way too fast and give way too much away in a hour. You gain I guess… webinar  

As we progressed through the webinar and got to the Q&A section, Chad asked me “what is the fastest, most effective way to reach out to prospect Agents?” I went on to do a live demonstration of how you can prospect any Agent in less than 90 seconds. Sound crazy? Think I’m talking about using the phone? It’s not crazy and I’m not talking about cold calling.  

What I am talking about is leveraging social media in a way that will allow you to strike up serious conversations with your prospects. How would it feel to have people reaching out to you? Or at least, when you reach out to them they are happy you did? Why spend time chasing people on out dated, inefficient ways of communicating? In this training, I will show you how to bypass traditional road blocks. Enjoy the video.  

How to Prospect Agents in Less than 90 Seconds


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