Are You A Casualty Of Living A Casual Life?

Posted on July 22, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



No matter what you consider success to be, you could very well be missing out on it because you’re not choosing to take life more seriously. 


To be casual is to be relaxed and unconcerned.  Being casual is not a bad thing when you’re on vacation with the family or taking time to enjoy an informal occasion. 


When it comes to business success, there is nothing casual about what it takes to get there.


You cannot be a person who does something irregularly and expect to see consistent success. 


As much as we all wish things did, they don’t work that way.  The only real way to achieve any level of success in any area of your life is to shop up consistently and put in the work. 


When you think of the “casual” golfer, you think of someone that goes out maybe a couple of times a year to play with his buddies and knock back a few cold ones. 

Are You A Casualty Of Living A Casual Life?

When you think of a professional golfer, you think of someone who practices daily and does whatever it takes to operate on that level. 


So why is it that so many people act as if they are giving it their all and wonder why they cannot achieve the goals they put in place? 


They are casual about their goals and success. 


The folks who spend all their time talking about how much work they’re putting in isn’t actually putting in any work. 


Often times, the people you see on social media who are regularly posting travel pictures and acting as if they have it all figured out are just playing a role. 


You can’t truly travel all the time and spend several days a week at the beach while building a career. 


At least not the kind of career the elite version of yourself stands in.


There are a few simple ways you can avoid becoming a casualty of a casual lifestyle.

Eliminate Things From Your Daily Routine That Aren’t Serving You


Some of these may include video games, Netflix, Hulu, trolling the internet, shopping, gossiping, etc.


Anything that you spend time on that isn’t helping you become the elite version of yourself has to go.

Focus On Educating Yourself For One Hour Daily


When you remove the above items, you will find a lot of extra time in your day. This time needs to contain tasks or projects that educate you in some way. 


The most elite athletes and brilliant minds in the world spend their time working on themselves in any area possible. It would be best if you were doing the same.

Surround Yourself With Individuals Who Don’t Accept Anything But Your Greatest Self


The reason those athletes and uber-wealthy individuals need private clubs and places to hangout is their desire to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. 


Sometimes those are people who motivate them to be a better version of themselves.


Other times they just want to be surrounded by people they can trust not to bring down the vibe with negativity and excuses. 


The best way to stay elite is to be surrounded by elite individuals. Those types of individuals will elevate you to the next level in life.

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