Are You Sure You’re Tracking Down Leads Every Way Possible?

Posted on May 14, 2015

Ryan Stewman



When you get a lead in your inbox, what’s the first step you take to make contact?  Do you call?  Do you email?  Both?  What about texting them, do you do that? 
These days there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Wait, why would anyone want to skin a cat?  Where the hell did that saying come from?You know it’s 100% a before the internet saying, because the internet loves cats.  This is the internet, no cats were harmed in writing this.
Damn, I really need to get my ADHD under control.
Back to the subject, leads.  There’s more than one way to make sure you are tracking down leads.  Matter of fact there’s 6 that I personally use, and teach my clients to use.  As with anything else, some are more effective than others.  A couple are last resort.
Let’s name them off real quick, just to be sure we are all on the same page here.
  1. Phone Call
  2. Email Message
  3. Text Message
  4. Show Up in Person
  5. Facebook
  6. Snail Mail Message
It’s hard enough to generate leads, then even harder to get in contact with them.  It’s also our job as salesmen to exhaust every effort possible, in order to make sure we get an ROI on our advertising and marketing.
That means going through the check list of 5 contacts I listed above.  I don’t give two shits if you think it’s creepy to look someone up on facebook and message them or not, it’s the future and it’s gotta be done.
Back in the day, people thought it was creepy to call people, or door knock.  Now days those are normal ways to reach out to someone. At one point in the near future, it will be normal to contact a lead on social media.  Especially if you generated that lead on social media.
As usual, facebook is on top of this trend and ahead of the curve.  They allow you to track down leads on their site, with a phone number and or email.  Until recently you had to know the name of the prospect.  Not everyone’s real name is the name they use online.

Shocker!!! Not everything online is true!

I’ve made you this quick video to demonstrate how you can use information from online leads to find and message on facebook.  Imagine having your sales staff call, text, email, facebook message and direct mail every lead.
By the time the lead became a client, they would feel like you and them are BFFs.  It’s all about getting in front of the leads and making them feel familiar,  on average, it takes 7 points of contact to become familiar with a brand.  Imagine how fast you can do that using facebook.
A few, quick, chat messages and you’re all the sudden the salesman of choice.  It’s your duty as a salesman to make sure your prospects are contacted and all their questions answered about your product, so they can make an informed buying decision.  Even if it means doing so, on facebook. Tracking down leads has never been so easy!
Check out the video and don’t forget to share this with your SOI on social media.  Oh and if you’d like to find out what all sales products i’ve created, in order to help you make more $$$ simply click this link here



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