The Art of Originality with Fredrik Eklund

Posted on January 23, 2014

Ryan Stewman



If you’re not watching Bravo TVs Million Dollar Listing NYC, you are missing out on the awesomeness that is known as Fredrik Eklund. I might be a little biased here, but Fredrik is the reason for the show’s soaring popularity. Fredrik Hangout  

Mr. Eklund is a machine. He closed over $600MM in 2013 alone. He’s already put a billion in closed sales on his books BEFORE he was aired on TV. His work ethic is unmatched and his personality can’t be copied. Fredrik is about a real and authentic as it gets.  

Enough kissing his ass now…  

Fredrik, Sean and I have been leading global masterminds digitally. We have a product we call “The Million Dollar Masterminds” where Sean and I pair up big time hitters like Fredrik, with people who want to learn from them. A couple weeks ago, in order to launch Fredrik’s latest mastermind, we did a webinar that lasted about an hour. The offer at the end no longer stands but the content of this video is still gold.  

Over the course of an hour you’re going to get to know the real Fredrik Eklund and why makes him so special. He will share his philosophies, strategies and reasons for why he does things the way he does. [and they obviously work]   Any time you get the opportunity to learn from someone better than you, jump on it. This is one of those opportunities. Enjoy the show.  




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