Ask For What You Want

Posted on June 02, 2020

Ryan Stewman



How many opportunities have you lost because you simply didn’t ask the prospect to make a decision?
Whether the answer was “yes, no, or I don’t know,” you’ll never know because you never took the time to really find out.


We’re going to clear that up right here and right now…


If you called me up to invite me over this weekend and said, “Hey Kris, I was thinking of cooking out on Friday.
I’m going to go by the butchers and pick up a few Rib-eyes, and we’re going to have all the fixings too.


Corn on the cob, fresh from the farmer’s market, homemade sourdough bread and mac and cheese, grilled asparagus, with an assorted fruit plate including watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple.


For dessert, we have homemade lemon pound cake topped with fresh whipped cream, slow-churn strawberry ice cream, and sugar-frosted strawberries.


Sounds good…but what if you stopped the conversation there?


What would happen if you actually forgot to invite me over?


I am supposed to assume the pressure of thinking you’re insinuating that I invite myself and my family?

Ask For What You Want

Is there something you’d want me to bring? Damn…now I’m confused…and when I’m confused, I usually don’t make decisions.


Worse yet, you might get off the phone call, and you’re confused too. No real idea if I’m coming or not. Do you invest the money to include me…and my family?


All because you didn’t ask me if I wanted to come over.


I know so many salespeople who are in the same boat. I get that it can be hard to hear rejection, AND the fear of rejection is truthfully 10x worse. So, let’s work that out, shall we?


I’m going to make a few assumptions…


If I’m wrong about any one of them…you’re going to need to clean them up before you can implement this technique.


If you can hang with these assumptions, you’re going to make more sales, guaranteed.

Assumption #1: You Are An EXPERT At What You Offer To The Public

What makes YOU an expert is a unique perspective, skillset, and way of communicating that only you bring to your arena.

Assumption #2: You Have A PROCESS That Produces A Predictable Result

When your ideal client follows your recipe, you can show them the result you are promising.

Assumption #3: You Have The ABILITY To Help Your Client If Things Go Sideways

Your experience of how things have gone wrong can benefit you when your ideal client knows you understand you can handle mishaps.

Assumption #4: You KNOW Who Your Ideal Client Is

When you genuinely know who they are, you know what makes them tick. You know their preferences in making decisions, their fears, and the mental process when deciding to buy or choose to find another option.

Assumption #5: You Believe The VALUE You Bring Is Higher Than The Price You Ask For Your Product Or Service

When your ideal client perceives the value outweighs the cost, they’ll buy almost every time.


With these “assumptions” in place, there’s only one thing left to do:


Ask For What You Want


Timing is the only variable left. When do you ask for what you want? Well, it’s easy actually…you ask for what you want after you’ve made sure your ideal client has gotten answers for everything they want.


Anytime someone says “no thanks,” it’s because they don’t see the value as higher than what you’re asking for in return.


Learn how to ask your prospect the right questions early and throughout the process. Asking right before you ask them “over for dinner” is the best way to make sure you both know you’re capable of fulfilling their desired outcome.


On top of that…if you truly know your worth, you won’t be afraid of a “No”…because THEY won’t be your ideal client.


With over 7.5 billion people in the world, there are surely enough people out there to succeed.


You’re not here for everyone…you’re here for the right ones…


Just don’t forget to ask for what you want.

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