Attracting Your Ideal Customer (Client, Patient, Employees, etc.) by Tonja Waring

Posted on November 20, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Well, one thing is for certain…if you are a business owner, you are always on the lookout for people or companies to purchase your product or services. Without at least one customer…there is no business. And, the success of a business is usually most dependent on the flow of customers, right? So, how do you go about attracting your ideal customer? Well, there are two key words here….you know what they are, right?…ATTRACT and IDEAL.

Attracting is easy. We are always attracting to us. The question really is, “What are we attracting to us? Who are we attracting to us? Who do we want to be attracting to us.” We really need to decipher who is our ideal customer? I do not believe that just any customer is a good customer. Attracting and holding on to a less than ideal customer is not the highest and best use of you or your resources. You need to realize that a less than ideal customer is really costing you money. So, how do you begin to attract that perfect customer? Here’s what I do. You have got to get very clear with yourself who your ideal client is. This takes time and effort. Writing is key. Do not just think about this. Writing produces clarity, and clarity is the key to attracting who you want.

First, start with YOU. How do you like to work? How does your business or team work best? Do you like flexibility? Do you like structure? Do you like internet? Do you like face-to-face business? What kinds of people do you like to work with? Yes, this matters. When you are working with people you enjoy, your productivity goes up over 30% vs. working with someone you don’t enjoy. Read Shawn Achor’s, The Happiness Advantage, or google him speaking at TED. Figure out who you like and how you like to work. Write down about 9 or 12 key points. Next, pick out a couple of your favorite clients. Write down everything you like about these clients. What hours they like to work. How often you work with them. How they pay their invoices. Are they happy? Are they dependable? Do they listen to the advice you give them? How do they dress? Do they refer you good people? Write down as many details as you can. Keep working with this. Ignore anything that is NOT what you like. This process is called “Celebrate the Match.” You want to recognize and acknowledge everything that makes this person an ideal client for YOU. This is showing you your success is attracting a great client! Some of the things you like may seem to have very little or nothing to do with the business you do together. By the way, keep working with this list. It is good to spend time on this. Remember, the more clarity we have, the more we attract what we want.

Third, one of the best ways I know to get what we want is to get really clear on what we don’t want! We can use our challenges to get us back on track. This process is called “Clarity through Contrast.” So, pick out your rotten customers. Draw a line down the middle of your paper. On the left, write down what you don’t like about them…keep writing. Generate as many thoughts and ideas as you can. Next, beside everything you wrote that you don’t want, write an opposite phrase of what you do want on the right side of the line. Example. If you don’t like that they call you at 6:00 am, write down that you want someone who calls you between 10 am and 5 pm. Period. No thinking, if there’s an emergency, it’s ok if they call….blah, blah, blah….we are only writing down what we do want, and we don’t want any emergencies, right?? So, get to work and really uncover the characteristics of your ideal customer.

If you put some energy into this, you will begin to have inspired insights that you can take action on. You might think of a new lead source, another business or product line that will bring in more of who you want. Be open to receiving and acting on this inspiration. Clarity of who you want alone will start to attract the ideal customer to you. Once you feel like you’ve worked out your list, ask God (the Universe, your Divine Guidance Team, Lady Luck, whatever feels right to you, to bring you those clients or clients who are even better than that. Whatever we ask for is given. Always. No exceptions. So learn to ask out loud for what you want. And, then get ready to receive because it is coming to you. Once you do this, you will realize that some of the clients you have probably are not good clients. I think the most challenging part is to let go of the clients that aren’t working for us.

Most of us have a fear that if we let go of a client, another may not show up. If you hold this fear, you would be exactly right. Why? Because we always attract what we fear. So, if you can see that letting go of the wrong customer makes room for the right customer and take action in that direction, you will definitely attract that right one. When we create the space, we create a void. That void is a vacuum and will need to be filled energetically. Now that you know your ideal client, you will hold the space for that new client to be a great client. And, you will start to have the perfect customers in your business.

As always, if you are a solo business owner, I strongly encourage you to hire a coach. You do not have to do your business alone. And, the second set of eyes on you and your business will prove invaluable.

Go out and make it a prosperous day! Guest post written by: Tonja Waring, Founder, Manifesting Prosperity Clubs 972-886-8707.

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