Become the Expert Because Your Prospects Won’t Buy from a Dumbass

Posted on November 12, 2017

Ryan Stewman



If there’s one piece of advice you ever take from me, let it be this on: Become An Expert at What You Sell. I’m not saying become a sales expert, I’m saying become an expert on whatever it is you sell. If you sell mortgages, be a mortgage expert. If you sell real estate, be a real estate expert. No one wants to buy anything from a rookie. Rookies make mistakes due to lack of experience.

No one, including your prospects, enjoys dealing with dumbasses. Dumbass people all have one thing in common; they don’t know they are dumbasses. In this setting, a dumbass is a person who knows nothing about the product they sell and says all the wrong things.

Today’s prospects are educated. Most of the time, when a buying decision is made, your prospect has already done their research online. Dealing with an educated prospect is different. They may test you to see if you have superior knowledge of the product. After all, that’s what’s expected of a salesperson these days, to be an expert. When they ask you questions about things they already know the answer to, they are testing you to see if you’re a full-of-shit salesman or if you’re a product expert.

No one wants to buy from a full-of-shit salesman.

I’ve seen prospects who were red hot buyers, leave a salesman and go elsewhere because the sales rep was inexperienced and full of shit. We live in a time of free education. The Internet will teach you anything you want to know. Your products and all the details that go along with them are online somewhere. People do their research before they buy. It’s a trend that’s not going anywhere.

If you know nothing about your product, then why are you even selling it? Why not sell something you know a lot about? It seems to me, that it would be easier to sell something you’re familiar with, as opposed to just trying to wing a commission check. I know salespeople take risks, but that’s a risk only a dumbass would take.

The number one fear in America today is looking like a dumbass. If you look online, you will find that it says the number one fear is public speaking. But if you think about it, the reason people are scared to speak in public is for fear of looking like a dumbass. Hence, the number one fear in America is looking like a dumbass.

So, how do you become an expert and avoid appearing like every dumbass out there?

Expert is a word derived from “experience” and experience is a word derived from “experiment.” In order to become an expert, you must do the experiments to gain the experience. In short, an expert is a person who has experience. Which is what you need to get from your product: an experience.

In order to gain experience, you need to experiment. If you sell something you can use firsthand, do so as often as you can. If you sell a product that you can buy, too, do so, so you’ll have the experience of the buying process just like your customers do. If you can study up on your product, do so. Get to know everything you can about it.

In order to truly get expertise, you need time. There’s no such thing as an overnight expert. Overnight experts are like magic pills that make your dick grow; they don’t exist and people who fall for their sales pitches are idiots. They key is to still not appear like a moron in front of your prospects while you’re still experimenting.

Here’s the thing, a dumbass thinks he has to have all the answers.

An expert knows how to find all the answers. See the difference? When I sold cars, I made a sale on my first day. I had no idea about horsepower, safety ratings or any of that. Every time the prospect asked me a question I didn’t know the answer to, I simply replied with, “We can get all the information you need once we are done driving the car.” After the test drive, I took them in, wrote their questions down and asked the manager for the answers. It was as simple as that.

Being an expert and being a dumbass all comes down to your mindset. With the proper mindset, even a dumbass can come off as an expert. Remember; dumbasses have all the answers. Experts have all the solutions. You know what else experts have? All the sales. Why? Because people buy from experts and not from dumbasses.

We live in a time where anyone can pretty much get anything they want online. When they show up at a place of business, they are typically there to test the product and make a decision. Making a decision is one of the hardest things to get another human to do. People make decisions based on the confidence of the person making the case for buying the product aka the salesman. A dumbass doesn’t exude confidence, he exudes insecurity and lack of commitment. People want to be advised into making a good decision and people only take advice from experts.

No one wants to be sold a product these days.

They want to make a buying decision and that buying decision almost always comes on the heels of an expert advising them on how buying the product will benefit them. The way humans purchase goods and services has changed and those of us who get it, are already selling to the public in the manner in which they want to be sold. People want expert advice on buying, not to be sold by some dumbass.

Study up, experiment and gain some experience. Don’t think you have to have all the answers all the time. Be confident. The prospect is relying on your expertise and advice to make the decision. If you’ll stick to those rules, you’ll do well in sales. If you choose to ignore them, well, you must be a dumbass…lol.

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