The 14 Best Sales Books Of All Time

Posted on January 26, 2016

Ryan Stewman



I’ve read them all, been to all the seminars and even been mentored by some of the best. Matter of fact, before he passed Zig Ziglar was my neighbor and mentor. I first got his cassette tapes in 1995 while working at the car wash. After those tapes, I realized that there were books on how to get better at sales. I started reading them all!
For 21+ years now, I’ve been reading books about sales, selling and being sold. I didn’t become a master salesman by natural talent alone. Sales is a sport. Like most sports, if you don’t practice and go all in, you won’t ever get any better. I sucked at sports, so I went all in with sales. Like ALL the way in. 

Readers are leaders

Ok so let’s just get to it. Here’s my list of the best sales books of all time. I’ve read them all and many more. As a master salesman I can tell you that 99% of sales book are sh!t. The ones I have on this list are gold though. If I were you, and I hadn’t read them, I’d buy them and knock all 14 out before the end of the year. Be an action taker.
*You can click any of the book images and buy them on amazon immediately*


Best sales books of all time

#14 The Game: Neil Strauss is a stone cold closer. He’s not a good looking man at all, yet in The Game he tells his story of sleeping with more hot LA models than you and I could ever dream of. In the book he goes into the depths of the NLP and sales tactics he used to pick up some of the hottest chicks in LA. 
#13 Crush It: Gary Vaynerchuk tells us how he inherited a $5MM/year company from his parents and used social media to grow it to $30MM/year. This book will teach you the basics of how to sell using social media, video and other forms of new age communication.
crush it (1)
#12 How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling: Frank Bettger was a badass life insurance salesman. In this book he tells his close to home, personal story about failing at sales and how he turned it around. He did so using old school methods and putting in work. 
how I raised myself (1)
#11 Words That Sell: Richard Bayan is quite the wordsmith. If you write sales letters, blog posts or plan on creating offers for ads, this book is a must. I keep a copy for quick reference, in my desk at all times. It’s not a book to just read. It’s a writers book on words to use that command attention and close sales. A must for any person who’s in sales. 
words that sell (1)
#10 Secrets To Closing The Sale: Zig Ziglar is a sales legend. He was talking, writing and making audios about sales LONG before anyone else did. The guys wisdom is timeless. In this book he talks about how he came up and what led him to the top. I love all of Zig’s books, but this one is the best.
secrets to closing (1)
#9 How To Win Friends and Influence People: Dale Carnegie is still one of the most trusted sources of sales influence on the planet. This book is a must read for anyone in sales. Matter of fact, if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting on? This is practically the bible of sales books.

win friends

#8 Raving Fans: Ken Blanchard tells you how to keep clients so happy they send you a constant stream of referrals. What salesman doesn’t want and need referrals to grow their business? This book shows you how to provide the best service AFTER you close the sale. Because if you treat them right, they will buy again. 
#7 Dot Com Secrets: Russell Brunson is a internet selling genius. I personally know him and see that he does EXACTLY what he says in the book. This book is basically the sales blueprint for selling online. As far as I know, there’s no one better than Russell at this. 
dot com
#6 Ready Fire Aim: Michael Masterson lays it all out in this book. He gives timeless and powerful sales scripts, processes and some of the best stealth selling tips I’ve ever heard. This book lays out step by step how to sell your way to a $100 million dollar empire. It’s an exciting read. Shows you what’s possible in our industry. 


 ready aim fire
#5 48 Laws of Power: Robert Greene is sharp as a tack. I met him at SMU in 2011. This book is the most requested book in prisons across the country. It’s impossible to read this book and not learn new ways to close people using your new found laws of power. Warning: do not use this book for evil.
48 laws
#4 Influence: Robert Cialdini is a master of how the human brain psychologically processes information and makes decisions. His click wirr method has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars at this point. This book is a must read for every salesman. It’s timeless, to the point and filled with wisdom. 


#3 Pitch Anything: Oren Kleff is best in audiobook format. The energy in his voice is contagious. Each time I played a chapter in this book, I had to stop it, get on the phone and make a sale. Oren’s insight on the pitch is unmatched. I learned so much from this book it’s hard to put into money terms. I make my employees read it too. 


#2 Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel: John “stay frosty” Carlton is such a badass it’s hard to explain. This book has made me over a million dollars from implementing what I learned. It’s not found on amazon, and it’s hard to find anywhere. However, if you find and read this book, your skills using text to sell will never be the same. I learned to write from this book.
 kick ass
#1 Ultimate Sales Machine: Chet Holmes is the best salesman to ever live. The dude was an amazing example of what you can do when you do it with pig headed discipline and determination. The dream 100 concept alone has made me hundreds of thousands. This book basically gives you a PHD in sales after reading it. 

ultimate sales machine

You can click each book and order it direct from amazon. If you’re bold enough to order and read them all, you WILL elevate your game to the next level. There’s billions of dollars worth of insight inside these books. 
Lastly, if you’re looking for someone to help you elevate above the competition and dominate your marketplace using advertising and sales, simply take a few minutes to scroll down and fill the application out. ONLY fill it out if you’re serious and ready to make an investment in yourself. If you’re not ready to buy, don’t fill it out. I get a lot of these every day and I need to make sure those who are ready, get taken care of first. 

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