The Biggest Trap Salespeople Will Fall for In 2018

Posted on December 26, 2017

Ryan Stewman



If I’ve learned anything over the last course of my life, it’s that a distracted mind is a wasted mind. These days, everything is out to get our attention. Any time you give your attention to multiple things at once, you’re constantly distracted and it’s hard to attain and achieve anything from a distracted state of mind.

The mind gets what it focuses on and if you focus on everything, you’ll get nothing.

There’s no such thing as focusing on multiple things. Focus is attention to one thing with extreme concentration. You can’t provide extreme concentration to multiple things at once. It’s impossible.

What I know about life is in this video. The biggest trick that’s played on us is the one that takes our attention off the ball. This video starts out all easy but about three mins into it, I go deep off into something I call “the force of average,” which is the code name for the algorithm here on this big blue planet.

Take the time to watch this video. It could save your life in 2018. If not, you’ve got a good shot at falling for the same trap billions of people fall for every day. Watch the video and avoid the trap. Also, be sure to align yourself with people winning and increase your odds of doing the same by joining us at

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