Book Review: Abundance – Peter Diamandis

Posted on May 26, 2017

Ryan Stewman



With all the bullshit bad news going around, you’re gonna need a book with a positive spin on the way things are evolving. Literally, this book changed my thinking. Today, for example, I went to the car wash and the news was on the TV in the waiting room. The dickhead on the tube was talking about the end of the world, nuclear war and how the president was a horrible person.

Before I read this book, I would have been angry. I would have thought about the prospects of nuclear war. This book shifted my perspective, though. The concepts and actual events that happen in this book give me a seriously positive outlook on life.

In case you don’t know who Peter Diamandis is, he’s the creator of the XPRIZE program. Peter and Elon Musk are the two main guys spearheading the future of Abundance. In a world full of Illuminati bad guys, Peter is one of the good guys, fighting on our behalf. While others are in search of destruction, Peter is focused on building.

My favorite part of this book is where they explain the concept of urban farming. When this becomes the mainstream way we grow food, the world’s hunger problems will go away forever. This book is full of stuff that powerful.

Click the image of the book below and grab your copy of Abundance by Peter Diamandis. You’ll love it and it’s a refreshing read in a world full of doom and gloom. Below is a video of Peter speaking so you can get a taste of his brilliance.



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