Book Review: Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson

Posted on April 18, 2017

Ryan Stewman



I’m fortunate enough to know Russell Brunson personally. I’ve been to his house, been in his mastermind and seen him wrestle (and beat) Jon Rood. I actually spoke at Russell’s Funnel Hacking event in 2016. I shared the stage with Marcus Lemonis and Garret J. White among others. 

The whole reason I found and got to know Russell is because of his first book, Dot Com Secrets

It was one of the best books on marketing I’ve ever read. After all, Russell knows his sh*t. His company ClickFunnels, does over $80 million per year in revenue. If you consider me rich, consider Russell rich AF.
After reading his book, I paid $25,000 to go to Boise, Idaho and meet up with Russell in person to learn from him. Turned out, we learned a lot from each other. It was a good match. I had my breakthrough year working with him. 
Since I have worked with Russell, I’m on his Dream 100 list. He sends me stuff in the mail pretty regularly. Recently, he sent me the first four chapters of his new book Expert Secrets and let me get a sneak peak.

Dammit! It’s like crack, I now need the rest of the book!

The thing about Russell’s style of writing is that it’s easy to read and it includes stick figures. These figures and charts make it super simple to get through the book and actually understand what he’s talking about.
Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson reads like a manual for selling big ticket items to consumers. It’s the step-by-step blueprint for anyone looking to set up a funnel, market the funnel, close clients and deliver services to the folks you close. If you’re a coach, mentor or consultant, you need to read this book.

Order this book from my link and I’ll give you the video of my legendary speech at Funnel Hacking 2016  as a FREE bonus.

I give Expert Secrets five stars. Be sure to order it now.

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