Book Review: Grow A Pair – Larry Winget

Posted on October 16, 2016

Ryan Stewman



So, the other day I’m scrolling the FB newsfeed and I see an ad for this guy Larry Winget. It’s some speaker thing he’s doing in Atlanta. I click the ad for one reason and one reason only: this ridiculous country and western shirt he had on. Growing up, my family was in the horse business. I know an expensive-ass custom shirt when I see one. 
I looked into the guy and from what I could tell, he was a straight shooter. I looked his books up and bought one called Grow A PairThe title obviously spoke to me! 
Today, I went on a 1.5-hour motorcycle tour of the city. During that tour, I decided to put my earbuds in with Larry Winget’s Grow A Pair on. After listening to Larry on Audible all that time, I’ve come to one simple conclusion:

Larry Winget is an over-the-top redneck from Oklahoma and I love him! 

It was so refreshing to hear Larry tell it like it is in this book. He says some pretty common sense stuff, that’s just not common anymore. I’m sure Larry is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s the exact type of person that I needed to hear this shit from. They don’t call Larry Winget The Pitbull of Personal Development for nothing. 
Maybe it’s the Texan in me and the fact that I grew up on a ranch, but Larry Winget reminds me of those small town guys who’ve got their shit together and are full of wisdom. Almost like a high school coach from back when coaches were tough and not afraid of being sued.
In his book, Grow A Pair, Larry shares some of the ways we are doing things wrong these days. He talks about how we are too nice, too soft and too worried about what others think. Growing a pair is not about being a man or woman either. It’s about standing up for what’s right and being honorable.
I highly recommend this book, especially with Larry reading it on Audible. I’ll be buying and reading more of Larry’s books. I may even share the stage with him one day. That’s how much I dig his style. Go out and buy the book! Just click the book below to get it.


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