Book Review: Invisible Selling Machine – Ryan Deiss

Posted on June 07, 2016

Ryan Stewman



In 2010, I met with Mike Reese, a realtor I’d done loans for, at the Gengis Grill in Frisco, Texas. Mike introduced me via a free set of DVDs to a guy named Ryan Deiss. When Mike walked out to my car with me, he handed me four DVDs and said, “I paid $8,000 for these. You can have them over the weekend. Bring them back to me Monday.”
I remember thinking this dude paid eight thousand dollars for DVDs? He got ripped off!’ I’m not going to lie, though. I was intrigued. What could possibly be on some DVDs worth eight thousand dollars? Naturally, I took them home and watched them. Those DVDs changed my life and led me down a rabbit hole that would eventually make me a millionaire.

All from one lunch meeting.

I tell that story, to validate Ryan Deiss. He’s helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs like me make a sh*t ton of money online. His company Digital Marketer, is on the forefront of Internet marketing. He’s created hundreds of millions of dollars in sales from thin air. That’s the gist of his book Invisible Selling Machine: creating sales from untapped opportunities. Hence the title.
Deiss shares all about making money from email. Building a list, segmenting a list, emailing that list. He tells a story about being in trouble with the IRS due to a tax deficiency, then explains how he used email selling to pay off the IRS and get his business back on track.
Most of us have been there. If not with the IRS, then it’s been the bank, or something similar. There’s always some outside motivating factor applying pressure to us entrepreneurs. When that pressure is applied, we either explode or propel onto a direct path.

Ryan’s the example of the latter.

This book is full of well-told, motivating stories. And it’s not your typical, boring-ass, business book. The examples Ryan chose note brands you can relate to. I appreciated that it’s a fast read, too, sucking you in and making you want to email your list immediately.
And I did!
After reading it, I segmented my lists and started following the Invisible Selling Machine method. My emails now have a higher open rate, and they only go to people who want to read them.

That’s made a HUGE difference in my business!


Invisible Selling Machine contains strategies that will actually make you sales. Most books are either all hype, or “eyes glazed over” boring-with-details. Ryan Deiss made sure his book is neither. It’s packed with real success stories from an industry leader who’s done the experiments to gain experience and become an expert. 
Hardcore Closer approved. Whether you have an email list or not (you know you have one) you’ll learn practical applications from Invisible Selling Machine you can incorporate into any aspect of selling. You’ll eat it up. I did…because I love books bursting with info I can use to fatten up my bottom line.

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