Book Review: Making Them Believe – Dan Kennedy

Posted on July 25, 2016

Ryan Stewman



People have taken advantage of people since the dawn of time. Eve screwed Adam over and it all went downhill from there. This book is about a man who screwed so many people over, someone had to record it so it could be believed. Before Jeff Skilling. Before Bernie Madoff…came Dr. John Brinkley. 
The epitome of a snake oil salesman, Dr. John Brinkley was a fake doctor who sold goat testicle implants to dudes with penis problems. Yep, he was Viagra before Viagra was cool. Except he wasn’t cool. See? Already got your attention!

He was a con artist. One of the biggest of all time. 

He didn’t even put goat balls in the human sack. It was all a ploy. He’d make a snip, insert a stitch and tell the unsuspecting patient, they were healed. The mind is a strong organ, because all of these dudes went home and pounded the shit out of their old lady like it was wedding night. Dr. Brinkley knew the power of the mind and the connection of confidence. 
In the book, Making Them Believe, Dan Kennedy breaks down the patterns, salesmanship and marketing strategies the crooked doctor used, in a way only mean ol’ Dan can do. One of my all-time favorites because we go deep into the story of Dr. Brinkley, who felt like he was bulletproof, each page is filled with the bold moves he made, and corrupt or not, they have to be respected. If you use some of his tactics and apply them ethically to your business, you’ll get customers.

Buy this book.

Read it and learn from the mistakes and strategies that worked for the legendary con artist, Dr. John Brinkley.

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making them believe

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