Book Review: The Obstacle Is The Way – Ryan Holiday

Posted on December 31, 2016

Ryan Stewman



This is the second book I’ve reviewed of Ryan’s. He’s a sharp guy and I like reading his material. His book, Trust Me, I’m Lying was a good read but was horrible on Audible. This book is completely different. The audio is on point and the book is nothing like the previous one I reviewed.
In this book, Ryan applies teachings from Marcus Aurelius and describes how he uses forces and obstacles formed against him, to his advantage. Think about a slingshot. You pull the force against the rubber band, but the band converts the force into momentum. Turns out, we can become very powerful by applying this simple principle to every area of our lives.


When I read this book, it made me think. A lot.

I began to think about obstacles that are in my way and how I’m letting them stop me, instead of converting those same obstacles into momentum and force for my cause. Oftentimes, we get stuck behind an obstacle and we fold. We tend to believe things are in our way to harm us and it turns out they are in our way for good.
This book compares the teachings of Marcus Aurelius, Barrack Obama and many others, to everyday life and how what we think is stalling us, is actually there to propel us. Once you learn how to use the obstacle that’s in your way to your advantage, you’ll start welcoming obstacles into your life, because you’ll know they can help you.
I highly recommend you read this book. The teachings are timeless and empowering. Ryan Holiday’s writing style is unique, informative and entertaining. It’s nice to read a book that sucks you in and makes you want to consume the content. This is one of those books. 
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