Book Review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Posted on April 05, 2017

Ryan Stewman



At first glance, the title of this book seems outright ridiculous. Why would a monk need a Ferrari? All they do is sit in silence and practice being at peace in life. Like seriously, when’s the last time you saw a monk flying down Hollywood Blvd. in a 458? 

Yet, I still bought the book!

It’s a story about a person who goes through a significant change in life. From a big-time businessman under a ton of pressure and stress to a more “evolved” person, it’s his journey. You gotta read the book; I’m not gonna spoil it for you.
The book is easy to read and even easier to listen to. It’s in story format, so it’s a snap to consume and absorb the lessons. I personally listened to it on Audible. Audible is my go-to source. I listen to books when I’m in the gym and in the car. But it’s a good read no matter how you consume it. 

Just click on the book to get it on Amazon:


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