Break Free Academy is now hiring 5 full time salespeople

Read the following CAREFULLY – If you can’t follow instructions we don’t want you…
I’m looking to hire 5, full time, salespeople to sell our four core programs. You will be handed leads daily, there is no cold calling, no door knocking and no prospecting of your own network. We will hand you 100% of the leads.
Here’s how you enter your information to be selected to be hired:
1: Send resume to [email protected]
2: Attach most recent check stub (yes if you made 20k last year we don’t want you)
3: You must live in Dallas and come to work at the office Monday – Friday 845am to 6pm
4: You must have had a corporate job previously – no entreprenuers
5: You must have excellent phone, email and text skills
6: You must be willing to take leads and work weekends from home
7: You will be required to sign multiple disclosures about proprietary information, non-compete, and theft of intellectual property, so if you think you are coming for free sales training, think again.
8: You will be managed, if you can’t work to hit goals, you will be fired
9: You can’t be a crybaby, victim, snowflake, or an “it’s all your fault” type
10: We do not tolerate excuses of any kind
11: You must live and die by our CRM
12: I’m not your pal, your hero or mentor, I’m your boss.
13: College credits/degree helps your case
14: You must have a laptop and mobile phone
15: You must have a clean criminal record (10 years no issues)
Perks To The Job
1: Awesome Work Environment
2: Amazing Clients
3: Travel To Really Fun Places
4: Get To Be A Part of A Great Team
5: Office Is Modern
6: Dress Code is Laid Back
7: Our Live Events Are a Blast
8: Many Hidden Perks
9: Benefits Availible
10: You Get To Meet Lots Of Famous People
11: Our Clients Send Us Lavish Gifts
12: Our Office Building Includes Restaurants and Stores (The Colonnade Addison)
13: You Will Not Be Working In A Cubicle!
14: There Is No Negativity In Our Office 
The job pays $20k annual salary plus 10% of commissions. None of my salespeople make less than 6 figures per year.
It will take you roughly 30-45 days to get the system down and learn how to properly sale our programs. So you must be ready to live on the roughly $1500/month for the first month or so.
Every day, you will come to our office, and get to work. You will be trained by Roxanne Hoover (not me) and you will do everything she says or you will be let go. 
We are not looking to give handouts, we are not looking to make you famous (you won’t be able to say you work for me publicly) We are looking for salespeople who genuinely want to be a part of a movement that’s making massive amounts of money with great people.
If you are willing to follow the above instructions to a “T” then do so and we will be reading resumes and check stubs and I will be interviewing you accordingly. No, you can not come to my office and take pictures with me etc. Like I said, this isn’t an opportunity for you to piggy back off of our network, should you do so, you will face litigation.
I’m looking for someone who wants to put their head down, close sales, work hard and get paid a lot of money.
My clients are superbowl winners, attorneys, entrepreneurs, brokers, biz owners and millionaires. You must be professional at all time. Texas is a right to work state and we can fire you for any infractions at any time without warning so if you get the job, just know we ain’t playing around.
For those of you who are about to complain in the comments, when you start your own 8 figure company, you can make your own rules, this is my company and these are my requirements and rules. Anyone who works for me will tell you I’m demanding yet very rewarding.
If you don’t follow the above instructions, you will never hear from us.
Good luck, I’m looking forward to helping 5 of you change your life and come work with an amazing team.

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