Building Trust, Safety, and Security In the New World Order

Posted on July 21, 2020

Ryan Stewman



It’s not too hard to see now that we’re living in a New World Order. 


It CAN be hard to know what to do to make sure that you’re thriving instead of reacting to the Threat of the Day.


 It’s important to remember that as I’m writing this, trust, safety, and security are the words creating the MOST engagement online.


It tells me people are significantly affected by FEAR as a whole. 


It also tells me that we who market or sell for a living need to know what people are tuned into. Always remember, WIIFM…”What’s In It For Me”, when it comes to conversing with anyone about almost anything. 


What you’re selling isn’t nearly as important as the perceived benefits of exchanging people’s hard-earned dollars products or services.


I want to share some perspectives on trust, safety, and security that’ll give you an unfair mindset advantage when speaking to anyone looking to buy in today’s climate.


Let’s talk about trust.

Building Trust, Safety, and Security In the New World Order

Can you really blame anyone right now for being cautious??


 Mask, no mask. One expert will tell you yes on headline news, and 30 seconds later, another professional on social media will debunk it. 


What I do know about trust is that consistency over time builds trust. Integrity builds trust. Doing what you say you’re going to do WHEN you say you’re going to do it is how I define integrity. 


Realizing that you DIDN’T do what you said, by when, and making it right is also integrity.


Building trust is just that…building. It takes a little bit of time. Telling people YOUR truth is the key to establishing a baseline of trust and standing out uniquely in a world trying to hock their goods. 


Learning what your truth is…well, that’s the hard lesson that few seem to be willing to aspire to. 


When you discover your core truths and stand in them, regardless of fame, fortune, or money…you might just find all three.


Safety is paramount in the media right now.


The question is, who’s safety? 


This ties right into building trust because safety is a byproduct of building trust. Imagine building a reputation for trust and integrity for years, and later people find out that you are manipulating them? 


You’re really concerned about your safety WHILE preaching to others that you have their best interest in mind?


I believe that you’d lose people’s trust, and you’d also most likely begin to make them afraid of all the choices they’ve made in trusting you to start with.


Safety is often produced with predictability and accountability. I feel safe when I go home and flip a light switch, trusting that the power company is doing its job.


 I feel safe when they send me a text after a colossal storm, saying they’re aware of power outages in my area and plan on having our power back on by “XYZ” time. 


I feel safe when they update me that it might be just a tad longer than expected…and I feel relieved and safest when the microwave beeps and the fridge starts whirring again. 


Don’t you? 


Be the safest answer for your prospects by being predictable, accountable, and in communication early and often, especially when “scary” times hit.

Finally, there’s security. You want a customer for life? 


Learn how to provide protection. It’s the longest threshold to cross and worth its weight in gold for doing so. Security is the final byproduct of trust and safety.


We buy insurance for security, we buy Onstar for security, and we count on them being there when we need them the most.


Security isn’t provided because we have pretty words at the right moment. Security is assured because we SHOW UP at the right moment. 


You’ll only know how to show up if you’ve been practicing showing up, creating trust and safety for others. Security is something leaders provide…and leaders aren’t born, they’re made.


Although the times we’re in right now have prospects begging for these three qualities, these are really timeless laws of true servant based leadership. 


They’re a way to lead your family, your business, and your community. 


If you haven’t taken time to investigate how you provide them, I’d suggest you start…along the way, you may just find success in ways you didn’t even know was possible.


See ya’ in the trenches!


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