Can You Complete This 30-Day Sales Challenge?

Posted on January 01, 2017

Ryan Stewman



New year, new you. Right? I know it’s that time of year again. The time of year when people join weight loss challenges, goal challenges and all that fun stuff. I’ve decided to get in on the action and create a 30-days sales challenge for you. With my sales challenger, you’ll get the year started off with momentum on your side. 

After all, those goals ain’t gonna reach themselves. 

I’ve been issuing this challenge to my Tribe clients since 2013. With over 250 people who’ve gone through the Tribe program, not a single f’n one has completed this challenge. Were they lazy? No! Was it too hard? No! The problem is they got too busy from doing the challenge, that they never have time to complete it. When you’re closing sales, you got no time for nothing else. 
For the first time, outside of my Tribe program, I’m going to share with you, my 30-day sales challenge. If you’re up to the task, I’ll help you fill your pipeline like a champ. If you do exactly as I’m about to tell you to do, in the next 30 days, you will be flooded with sales. No matter what it is you sell, just trust my process and do what I say.

The sh*t works as long as you work it. 

I’m not going to tell you to make cold calls, knock doors, go to networking events or any of that archaic stuff. I’ll show you how easy it can be to accumulate a pipeline and close sales while sitting on your ass in front of a computer. 
I’m going to give you three things to do, every day, online, for 30 days. They will not be hard. They won’t take much time, and you will get out of it what you put into it. As I’ve stated before, my clients who pay $2,500/month to work with me, struggle to complete this challenge due to the influx of leads they have in the first two weeks.
Each day, for the next 30 days, you’ll repeat these actions. Each day, the exercise compounds and adds to your follow up. The key to making the most sales from this strategy is going to be who you target not how many you target. 
Before you begin the exercise, you must create a dream 100 list. The dream 100 comes from Chet Holmes and the book The Ultimate Sales Machine“The Dream 100” concept is brilliant. You need to make a list of 100 dream clients, that you’d die to get business from or do business with. This is the first step of the challenge, in order for the challenge to work properly, you need to know who you’re going after. Once you’ve got your list of 100 people, the clock starts and the challenge begins.
Every day, for the next 30 days, you’ll do the following three things. Whether it be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel, you gotta do the work. The network you choose to use doesn’t matter as long as it’s the network where your Dream 100 are. 
First, each day you will write on one of your Dream 100’s walls. Go to their profile and leave them a message. Not just any message, though. An engaging message that lets them know you’re paying attention. Before you just go crazy firing off random wall postings, read my article/watch my video on social recon. Then find out what they like, have been doing and want to talk about.

Start the conversation with them on their wall. 

The best way to get engagement and strike up a conversation would be to ask a question. “Hey man, I saw you went to the zoo last week. Looks fun! Did your kids like it? I’m thinking about taking my family.” See what I did there? I drew them in with innocence. After we go back and forth, we create a bond of familiarity. The more they like and know me, the better chance I have to swoop in and close them on something. 
Second, every day for 30 days, you need to send someone a DM. Not a d*ck pic either. I’m talking about doing the same type thing as I explained above, on their wall, but to a different person’s DM. Go to their wall, see what they are into, send them a DM about it, to get the conversation started.
There’s a natural progression of conversation. There’s the friendly part, then the “how’s family?” part and then “how’s business?” part. It’s when it shifts to “how’s business?” that you say, “Business is good, but I’m always looking to help people like you or the folks you know. If you EVER need anything from me, I’m your guy. Meanwhile, is there anything I can do to help you with work?” This is a powerful, simple, effective closing strategy that leads to thought and decision on behalf of the prospect.
The third and last thing you have to do daily is comment on one of your Dream 100’s posts. The same principles apply. Seek out their wall; see what they like, and comment on one of their posts with a question. Agreeing with them is always better than challenging them. 

Agreeing and asking a question will engage them. 

You can go on your Dream 100’s timelines and select “see first” to make sure you don’t miss any of their posts. This way, you have a selection of posts you see daily to prospect on. Oftentimes, you can engage them on their post and then flip them to the DM and further the “how’s work?” conversation there. 
After you’ve done this for 30 days straight, you’ll have contacted 90 of your dream 100. You’ll have started conversations and increased engagement with 90 people you would love to do business with. Surely, out of 90 people, 1-2 of them will decide they like you, want to work with you and give you their business. 
Don’t forget the follow up. Strong relationships aren’t built from one DM. They are built from familiarity and bonding. Follow up daily. Let them get to know, like and trust you before you go for the close.

Patience is a virtue on social media.

Here’s what I want from you. After you’ve closed your first sale from this 30-day sales challenge, record a video or make a post on Facebook about how you took the challenge and it paid off! Tag Hardcore Closer in the page and use the hashtag #CloserChallenge. I’ll be sending random gifts to those of you who do so. 

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