Choose Your Hard

Posted on April 22, 2020

Ryan Stewman



You know that saying “find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work again”? Well, in my not so humble opinion, that’s a bunch of horse shit! I’m not sure who said it or where it originated from, but apparently it came from someone who never ran a business.


I love my profession. I love pushing people to their physical limits and watching clients do amazing things they had no idea they were capable of doing.


I love spending time with motivated individuals who actually want to get better and show up ready to do the damn work every day. It’s what fulfills me and drives me to continue striving for the best version of myself, so I can be my best for those I serve.


Little did I know, however, when I became a health and fitness coach I would also have to become a marketer, a bookkeeper, a writer, learn technology and client management systems, a lead generator, a janitor, a therapist, and the list goes on. Do anything long enough and there’s a good chance you’ll serve all these roles and more.


Never have to work? Shiiiiiit, that’s a pipe dream.


What I’ve discovered along the way is there will always be things we don’t “enjoy” doing, that’s just the nature of business and life in general. There will always be difficulties, and that is a good thing because we get to choose our hard.

Choose Your Hard

Even the most privileged people have hardships in their lives. As salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs, we decided at some point to forego the comforts of the 9-5 and pursue our passions.


Most of us could probably have a “regular” job, abiding by someone else’s rules, being told what to do and how to do it and when to show up, being limited in growth and income. And guess what, that would be hard!!


Instead, we get to choose a different hard. The path of uncertainty, yet limitless possibilities. The path of rollercoaster income, yet being in control of our situation.


Late nights and early mornings and 20 hour days, but still being able to take the time to watch our kids play ball and be a present parent. Being able to lay our heads down at the end of the day knowing we made a difference in our world, and we’re building a legacy for our families.


On the personal side, getting and staying in shape is no easy task. You have to exercise on a regular basis, knowing there’s never an end. Grocery shopping, food prepping, meal planning, and consistently making good, healthy choices takes a concerted effort.


It takes dedication and discipline to adhere to these good habits over an extended period of time. I’ll admit, it’s hard at times.


You know what else is hard. Being obese. Being diabetic. Having high blood pressure and high cholesterol and spending money every month on medication.


Not knowing if you’ll fit in an airplane seat. Not being able to play with your kids because you’re too out of shape. Hiding behind the camera because you’re too embarrassed to have a picture taken. THAT, my friends, is fucking hard.


Any way you slice it, trials and tribulations are part of the process. They’re what shape us and make us who we are. Embrace it, and know whatever path you choose is hard.


Choose wisely.

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