It’s Your Civic Duty To Close Your Prospects—Here’s Why

Posted on April 01, 2018

Ryan Stewman



One of the hardest things to get a human being to do is to make a decision. Don’t believe me? Go home and ask your spouse what they want for dinner. Most of us can’t even make up our mind on what we want to eat, which is crucial to our survival, so how can you expect a prospect to be decisive about spending their hard-earned money? 
You see, decisions come with consequences and most humans have made horrible decisions in their lives and suffered bad consequences. To keep that from happening again, their subconscious kicks in and “protects” them from making a decision and possibly suffering from the consequences of their choice.

You owe it to your prospects to close them!

There’s only one thing on this planet that we can’t get more of. TIME!
You can always get more money.
You can always find more love.
You can always find another job.
You will never get more time.
Your prospects will spend their precious time resource shopping around for a “deal” or looking to make the “right decision,” and they won’t realize they are losing the only thing they can’t get back. They can always go buy another whatever it is you sell, but they will never get THIS moment back.

Plus, let’s be real. Most of us sell something that helps the prospect.

None of us are here on this page right now to rip people off and hurt them. If you are that way, please fuck off and leave now. This site ain’t for you. We help people, and when we close them, we save them time. Therefore we give them a better life. Even if we are more expensive, we don’t save them money but we save them time, and the richest people on Earth will tell you “Time is money.”
When your prospects inform you they are shopping around, ask them why and how long they plan on spending their precious time to save a few bucks. If they spend 15 hours looking to save $1000, but they could have made $2000 working after they’d made a smart decision to buy from you, they are wasting money!
You owe it to your prospects to close them. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the product. It’s about the time and decision to save time and handle business. Ask. Listen. Gain empathy. Confidently offer a solution (your product) and get your prospect to decide. Sales doesn’t have to be complicated. Matter of fact, the more you complicate things, the less likely you are to help people to decide. People don’t like complicated decisions. Keeping It Simple Sells (KISS). 
If you’re looking to step up your sales game, and better handle objections, I recommend grabbing a stack of Closer Cards at  

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