So, You Closed the Deal, What Happens Next?

Posted on July 09, 2017

Ryan Stewman



I’ve done a lot of drugs in my day and few highs compare to the high of closing a sale. Much like drugs, the high of closing a sale is always followed by a low. And in that low all you’re doing is chasing the next high. It’s a powerful addiction. The difference between drugs and sales, though, is that sales is the addiction that makes money, not takes money.
Continuing with the drug analogy, think of what happens after you get high. You were just feeling wonderful and after the wonderful feeling leaves, you feel worse than ever before. While you’re going through this feeling you’re in what I call the “wait.” You’re waiting for the feeling to pass so you can get back to normal. 

What you do in the wait, is what matters most.

You have a choice. You either let the wait pass, or you go back to the drug and get high again. I’m the addictive type, so I always go back to the drug to get high again. I’ll do whatever I can, in order to avoid the wait. I hate waiting, and I’m so impatient. 
Sales is just like any other addiction. You get high, you have the wait and then the choice. Most salespeople can’t handle the high, so they spend a lot of time in the wait. Problem is, the longer you stay in the wait, the longer it is before you close another sale and get the high again. 
Here’s what I’ve seen thousands of times over the years. Salespeople close a sale and then don’t know what to do next. It’s as if they are so high from the sale, they forget what to do for the next step. Then as the high passes and the wait is over, they start to come to their senses and go out and close a sale again. This cycle can last entirely too long and cost a good salesman a good grip of money and time. Money and time are two things I assure you, that you don’t want to waste. 
I know from firsthand experience, that the best time to make a sale is right after you just closed a sale. Instead of trying to survive the wait, you gotta go right back to work and chase the high again. Matter of fact, the best time to get high again is while you’re already high. When you close one sale, your next move should be to close another one as fast as possible.

Always stay hungry. 

When I sold mortgages, I would watch guys earn $10K paychecks, then take off the next 30 days until they burned through all their money. I saw them repeat this process over and over. The rollercoaster of one month rich, the next month broke AF. They would go around telling people they made $10K a month but really they made $5K because they only got paid every other month. This happens when salespeople can’t handle the high and they gotta let the wait wear off. 
You can’t let the high of the sale control your time. Once you close a sale, your confidence is at an all-time high. You need to do three things after every sale you close, while you’re high, so you can continue to ride the high and never have to fade the wait or the low. 
Ask for an Upsell – The easiest thing to do is to sell something to someone you have already sold to. The upsell or second sale is some of the easiest money to pick up. If you did your job, they like you, and you have another solution to their problem, they WILL buy from you. A good example of this is in auto finance. After they have bought the car, they easily buy the warranty and GAP.
Ask for an upsell, so you can keep the high going. There are no rules that say you can only sell one thing to your people one time. The fact that you have solutions for them and things they want is a strong buying sign that they will purchase more from you. Don’t let one sell keep you from making multiple sales. 
Ask for Referrals – Referrals are the easiest leads to close. They aren’t cold calls; they come from an existing customer and most people don’t mind giving them. Yet most salespeople NEVER ask for referrals. It’s like they get caught up in the stupor of the sales high and don’t seem to recognize there’s an assload of money sitting in front of them in the form of referrals. 
Most customers will give you names of referrals for two reasons. Number one is because they like what you sell and want to help their friends. Number two is so you will go sell stuff to someone else and ease off them, lol. Whatever the reason is, you gotta ask for referrals. Asking for referrals shows that you have extreme confidence in the service you have provided. People like that. 
Contact Hot Prospects – Don’t let the sale be the end of it. If you have upsells or not, you need to hit your hottest prospects right after you closed your most recent sales. Don’t wait. Don’t celebrate. Get right back on it and contact the people who are most likely to buy your stuff. 
When you close a sale, your confidence goes through the roof. It’s part of the high. Most sales are based on the confidence of the salesperson. The prospect usually makes a decision because of the surety of the sales advisor, not their personal knowledge. Knowing this, you can use your boosted confidence to easily fall right back into another sale back-to-back. 
In 2011, I started learning how to get the high to chase me. I don’t have to go out and seek my next high, I’ve set up a few businesses that send the high to me automatically every day. It’s like I walk around with a sales IV and it drips me several dozen times each day. 
I’ve created a sales machine that works online no matter what you sell. This machine takes some work to set up, but once you nail it, you can turn on the faucet to an endless amount of sales and scale it accordingly. To look at this machine you can go to and get more details. 

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