The Connection Between Cash and Confidence

Posted on March 06, 2015

Ryan Stewman



Are you one of those guys, like me, who when we don’t have cash in our accounts like we want, we get angry and mad at the world?    

I know when I get low on funds I get mad at myself and I take it out on those around me. I first noticed this behavior in myself back in 2005. I had made a shit ton of money and had taken ALL that money and invested in more homes.  

While waiting on the homes to sell, and the remodeling being done, I was living off ramen and water, while living in a $400k home. Virtually all my cash was wrapped up in deals and I was leveraged to the gills.  

I remember yelling at my parents, my friends and even my girlfriend at the time. It was like I wanted everyone around me to feel the same pain I was feeling. That pain was the pain of being broke.   It’s not about the money though…  

…Well not all of it anyway.  

When you are broke you are shackled. You are not free. You can’t buy what you want, invest in what you want or even have what you need in some cases. It’s in man’s nature to be free and in control of his domain. When man can’t control his domain, he gets violent. I am a man.  

It stems from caveman shit. If the caveman had food in his cave he didn’t have to struggle and scatter for food at any minute. The cave chicks liked the dudes with the most hunts stacked up. Eventually the caveman upgraded from wooden wheel, to a rock wheel and all the bitches loved him and the neighbors turned to haters.  

In all seriousness, we are taught from a young age, as men, that money is what is important. The more we have of it the more important we are. When we don’t have it we get this subconscious feeling of self doubt that makes us feel less than others, which leads to anger, in most cases.  

In my mind, the amount of money in my bank account is a direct reflection of the value I am delivering to the marketplace. If my funds are low, my self esteem gets low too because I feel like I’m not contributing in the way I should.  

This makes me work even harder. That’s not the case with everyone though. Many people get low on funds and feel that same self pity but instead of driving to solve the problem, they play victim to it.  

You can’t be a victim and winner at the same time. Even in sports, no one hates on second place, but if the winner got a bad call, unfair shake or whatever, the hate gets strong quick. For example, no one gave a fuck about the Patriots and their lip reading, UNTIL they started kicking everybody’s asses with the advanCashtage they created.  

If you’re one of the types where you get down on yourself and see yourself going into the spiral of being broke as fuck and hating life, and then staying there, I can give you some words of wisdom that you won’t hear from any motivational speaker.  

Being broke is not a state of mind but you can break away from the pain of being broke with the power of your mind. Instead of giving up when your funds are low, work harder, do more and deliver above what you were doing that got you where you are.  

When I had all my money tied up in the houses in 2005, I needed money bad. I bought an info product and learned a new way to assign contracts. The next day I made $2500 and so on and so on.  

I got new information, acted on it and turned info into income. I could have just waited for the homes to be done, suffered the self loathe and laid low, but I didn’t. I got a new hustle. That hustle not only stopped me from being broke, it fueled more money to me to get more investments without being broke in the interim time.  

No matter what anyone tells you, money is important. You can love it or hate it, but you gotta get it. If you don’t have it, you can’t blame anyone but yourself, which is why we get so down on ourselves. But you’re better than that, you just need to put the work in and quit attending the pity party.  

Money gives us confidence. Funny thing is, confidence will also get you money. The problem is, when many of us don’t have money, we don’t have confidence. Here’s how to fix that. Be confident in your ability to get out of the situation and get money. Use that confidence to channel it into the confidence to sell what you need to sell in order to get paid.  

The best salesmen have confidence to the point of ego and arrogance and the bank account to match. Is this a coincidence? No, it’s a direct result of their confidence attracting enough people to get where they are.  

Remember that shame spiral we talked about a few paragraphs up? The exact opposite of that would be the confidence spiral. The more confident you are, the more money you make, the more confident you are.  

Confidence is what separates a person in sales from a CLOSER.

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