Converting Your Social Media Friends and Followers Into Paying Customers

Posted on March 18, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Just because a person has a massive following online doesn’t mean shit. I know plenty of social media celebrities who don’t even earn six figures a year. Sure, online they look and act like ballers. In reality, they may have a lot of eyes on them, but eyes don’t always equate to dollars

However, I know plenty of people with small followings online who do $1-2 million in revenue per month.

Yes, you read that right, “per month.” It’s not about the size of the following you have; it’s about the dollars you can ethically extract from your followers. At least that’s all that matters to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to inspire and motivate people in my sphere of influence, but I’m in this game to make money. Without it, I’d be simply wasting time on social media. 
Looking the part ain’t shit. Faking it ’til you make it, is for people who care more about appearances and approval than money. Consider this, when you see some of these gurus spend their last dollar on a Tesla or exotic car; Jeff Bezos drives a Honda Accord. Why? Because Bezos has fuck you money and could give a shit what you think about him. Look, I own nice cars and shit, too, but I bought them after I was a millionaire, not so I could look like one. When I was coming up, I leased an Infiniti q50 for $400/month. It was a great car, too. 
If you’re in the social media marketing game, the key is to get money from your following, not to keep feeding them value while hoping, wishing and praying your connections will think highly enough of you to give you their money. If that’s your plan…newsflash! They won’t do it. Nope, people will keep their hand out waiting for more of your free shit until you die. Stop feeding kangaroos and convert them into clients!
I’ve made over $7,000,000 from Facebook and Instagram alone. The IRS can verify this because they have the tax checks to prove it. I mention my earnings because I want you to know that what I’m about to say is not speculation or theory, it’s a fucking fact, and I’ve personally done it. On top of that, I have clients who have had six-figure months from social media. 

So, how do you convert friends and followers into paying customers?

First, you need a product or service to sell, and you can’t be afraid to sell it. Approaching the sale requires a delicate balance, though. Meaning, you need to market on posts and sell via comments and DMs. Most people never understand this. While it’s okay to sell via posts, it’s not the most effective way to close. People like a personal touch and to feel like you personally sold to them. Closing people is easiest to achieve through comment replies and direct messages.
Today, for example, I made a post on Facebook that I was taking DMs from my friends who wanted to talk about how my programs could help them. I made over $20,000 in less than two hours. All from DMs hidden from the public eye. I keep my shit out of the public eye because roaches always find a way to make weak attempts to roach your salivating buyers from you. They poach your posts and attempt to railroad your prospects. I’ve got my game on lockdown, so if people want to know how it’s done they gotta hit me up personally and go through the process. Some people won’t reach out because they are scared I will close them.
I follow the simple 80/20 rule and don’t deviate: “Create 80% content and posts for THEM aka your audience, and 20% posts for ME aka my business and sales.” Then I share 4 posts that make them laugh and teach them lessons. On the 5th post, I ask them to take some sort of action that leads us to doing business together.

I don’t have to flash my cars, watches, homes or any of that shit to close prospects.

Instead, I add value by offering what I call “subliminal pitches” every day. Subliminal pitches include testimonials and stories about those who have worked with me and are seeing success. I do this from a lesson learned standpoint, not as a direct pitch. 
I see people who use their pages to constantly pitch products and programs and those people rarely get engagement. If you are going to rack up sales, people need to see your posts. If your posts are not engaging, Facebook won’t show them in the newsfeed and friends will have no idea what you are selling.

You have to be creative, and you have to be engaging. 

In my group, Sales Talk With Sales Pros, now over 71,000 members strong, and with 234,000+ engagements per month, I use the 80/20 rule and have my team do the closing via comments and DMs. They watch my posts and close. Period. No one sees me work my magic and they never suspect my team is out there making them dolla dolla billz y’all. 
If you’re on social media to be popular, that’s cool, but if you use it to make money, you gotta post, prospect and close. There’s no way around it. If you fight the process and worry about running people off, then you’re never gonna make it. If they get mad you’ve offered to help them, are they really worthy of following you in the first place?
If you read my posts and comment on my shit every day, then I hit you up and ask you to join one of my programs, and you get all butt hurt, that says more about you than it does me. I’m all for giving value to people, but I’m also all about closing sales. That’s the game I’m enrolled in, and I show up to play it every day. I’m going to ask for the business, if not today or tomorrow, it will be soon enough.
Speaking of sales pitches and closing, if you’re not closing sales from your social media sphere of influence, I can help you. After all, people buy from people they know, like and trust and aren’t those exactly the type of folks in your social media networks? Join the Entourage and learn our detailed and effective process to convert followers into customers without coming off as greedy, pushy or needy. Watch the free video at 

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