How To Create a Permission-Based Sales Funnel [FREE Training Video]

Posted on June 07, 2016

Ryan Stewman



We live in a world of DO NOT CALL lists, CAN-SPAM acts, and consumer protection bureaus. Yet salespeople all over, insist on cold calling, door knocking and interrupting prospects in the middle of their focus. The marketplace is clearly telling us to back off.  
I get it… The reason people cold call, door knock and perform all the other old school techniques, is because they work. I”m not denying they work. I’m simply asking you if there’s maybe something that works better. Surely there it. I mean, you never see millionaires out knocking doors.

Maybe they are on to something.


I created a selling model that I call “Permission-Based Selling” and it’s all about ONLY talking to prospects who want to buy your stuff. Sometimes, there’s no talk involved. These days people buy from text, email and social media chat. The phone does so much more than just dial out.
 Like it or not, this is where the marketplace is headed. I suggest you embrace it and adapt. Because if you don’t, someone who competes against you will. After you’ve finished the video, share it with a friend, on social media, or with your team.

 Watch this sales training. It’s the future of our industry.

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