Creating Shortcuts In Your Sales Process

Posted on November 27, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



As you ramp up your pipeline and have multiple sales conversations, you need a way to get more things done efficiently. Especially if you are the business owner and want to start flooding your sales team with leads to sell. If you let them get overwhelmed, you’re throwing away money.

Here are a few simple ways to shortcut your sales process and get more done throughout your day.

#1 – Create Text/Email Templates.

If you know, you will have the same conversation repeatedly, a simple way to shortcut your sales process is to create text and email templates. Those can quickly be completed in most CRM systems for your follow-up campaigns. Think about the conversations you have most often, what questions come up the most. If you know, there are objections that most of your prospects have, put together a well-written response and save it as a template. If you have many conversations via text, you can keep those templated messages as a text shortcut by going into your phone’s settings.

The more time you can save by NOT having to write out the same messages over and over, the faster you can work through your pipeline.

#2 – Make Explainer Videos

If your product or service requires a more in-depth explanation, an excellent way to simplify your process is to create videos that help your prospect by setting expectations. Go through each step of the process and figure out where candidates tend to need the most handholding or explanation of the expectations in working with you. Several simple tools can help you do this. If you sell cars, you can grab your cellphone and do a walkaround video of the most common models of vehicle you sell that help the client see what the car looks like without coming on the lot. If your product/service is more technology base, you can use tools like Zoom to record your screen as you walk through the program to help potential users see how simple the process will be once they get started.

#3 – Automate Your Follow-Up

If you can automate your text and email follow-ups, you can create a significant increase in your sales numbers. By removing the time it takes to go through and send text or emails by hand, you can allow yourself and your team to remain focused ONLY on the sales conversations that are likely to lead to a sale. The more you can automate the upfront sales process; then you are left only having conversations with potential clients that are only ready to move forward! Think about how nice it would be to show up with a calendar full of clients eager to work with you. Folks who have taken the time to schedule time with you based on the content you have already provided to them. It would make your sales process that much more organized and efficient and keep you from wasting time on the phone spent pre-qualifying them for sale.

To learn more about automation and create efficiency in your sales process, you need to build your machine. Get weekly training and accountability to set this machine up by joining the Apex coaching program. Learn more about it by visiting and get surrounded by individuals who have created a marketing and sales machine that generates leads and sets the follow-up on autopilot.

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