Creating a Social Media Syndicate [Video]

Posted on May 31, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Do you have at least 100 friends on Facebook? Of course, you do. Even the catfish spammers with hot chick profile pics from Thailand have 100 friends. The average FB user has 338 friends. Since you’re reading this, you’re above average which means you most likely have 1,000 friends or more.

Are you doing any business with those 1,000 friends?

Facebook is a noisy place. With almost two billion user profiles, there are a lot of variations that are considered before a post hits the newsfeed. This means that unless your posts are viral and super engaging, only about 70 of your 1,000 connections ever see your posts. But what about the other 930 people?

Imagine another 930 people seeing, engaging and being indoctrinated by your posts. What would that mean for your business? Do you think you could get some leads out of the extra exposure? Of course, you could!

In order to reach the maximum amount of friends you’re connected to as possible, you need to create what I call a “social syndicate.” Your five best friends or five best referral partners can really get some massive coverage in the newsfeed if you all work together and conspire to take common action.

In this video, I’ll show you the magic that happens when you stack the numbers up against Facebook and practically every other social media site as well. For more training like this join our mastermind at


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